Support CA Rape Survivors Bill Today!


Congratulations to the residents and legislators of California! This bill was approved yesterday. BTW- Yesterday, when I spoke to someone in the office of Asm. Reggie Jones-Sawyer, she told me the phones have been ringing off the hook! Good work everyone!


Tomorrow, March 29th, the California Legislature will vote on the “Rape Survivor’s Civil Rights Bill,” AB1312, introduced by Assembly Members Gonzalez, Fletcher and Berman.

Advocates for the bill ask that you use the following script and make the following calls to support passage of the bill into law:

“Hi my name is _________________. I’m calling to support rape survivor civil rights in bill AB 1312, sponsored by Assembly Member Gonzalez. I’m asking that your office support rape survivors. Thank you.”

Reggie Jones-Sawyer, 916-319-2059
Lackey, 916-319-2036
Quirk, 916-319-2020
Rubio, 916-319-2526
Santiago, 916-319-2053

You can also sign the petition to support this bill.

No one has the right to undermine a person’s self determination over their reproductive organs, by any means. When offenders use force to do so, they create terror, pain and defilement for their victims. Their victims should receive the highest level of advocacy and justice society can possibly provide!

Let’s all give them our support and make those calls!

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