Bullying Tactics- How Trump Operates!

In the classic move of a Narcissist, Trump stomps his feet and threatens to take his ball home. If he can’t be the pitcher, no one will play! What’s best for the team has nothing to do with his self-centered demand.

Last night’s ultimatum to House Republicans, “Pass a new health bill or he’ll leave Obamacare in place” is nothing more than a grown up version of the self-centered child who couldn’t learn to put the interest of the team first. And it is doubly frightening to think he could push an opposing world leader too far with his bullying ways, and ignite world conflict.

He rode his horse into office on claims that his predecessor was bad and created a faulty system. He was going to save us all! He had no plan. He simply relied on others to come up with the plan he was incapable of formulating. Now that there’s an ill-conceived one on the table, and others see its flaws, he’ll look bad to his supporters. So he’ll resort to bullying, ramrodding tactics to try to overcome opposition and re-harness the approval of his swindled devotees.

Let’s hope the House Republicans can finally recognize his behavior for what it is, a spoiled boy/man who never learned how to build a coalition, and that other people’s opinions matter! Let’s pray they provide a lesson for our children on how to stand up to a bully!

Relationship bullies are no different! 

Narcissists will use every tactic in the book to get you to comply. They’ll threaten you in countless ways…. keeping you in fear and walking on egg shells. Just like the Trump supporters that remember his promises and refuse to let go of hope, regardless of the contradictory facts in their faces, emotional attachment fueled by the brain chemistry of romance keeps nuero-typicals looking for ways to believe

If you can grasp how Donald Trump became President, the sales tactics he used, the hype with no foundation, and the bullying he employs to force loyalty, you’ll begin to understand how a toxic relationship happened to you, break free, and forgive yourself.

Narcissists are powerful. But even more powerful are the people who grasp their toxic tactics, and resist.





6 thoughts on “Bullying Tactics- How Trump Operates!”

  1. Since this man has been our president which is so surreal, TOXIC HORRIBLE DRAMA…He is deporting people who are not criminals of drugs killings so on. It is a mother or father with a fake SS card…BUT they work and pay taxes. I work for LAUSD in CA. every month there is a phone call recording sent to the all employee, to tell us teachers, aids counselors of how to handle the trauma of the children who are waiting to see if their parents are going to be taken away. SO then who are the ones who are going to take care of these children. Foster care. The broken system of Social Work. There is NO terrorist coming from Mexico…Just my views today on Trump NOT my President he has not earned that title…

  2. I wonder how HE even manages to not be impeached. HE should have never made it this long. This ridiculous excise for a human being is not worthy of this position, let alone any other.

    1. Impeachment can only take place with cause. Let’s see what comes from the FBI’s probe into his Russian connections during the election.

      1. Yes, too right, Joyce. It just seems so in your face, with him at the helm. So disordered and incompetent, and likely, a traitor against the country as well.

        Yes, we will have to wait and see. The proper channels must be followed.

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