DUST-OFF! Tips for healing from romance scams

Truth in Romance Day is coming on June 15th!

#TruthInRomance Day is even more important than #ValentinesDay!

For those who were victimized by romance scams, the steps to recovery are coming, beginning June 9th. They are straight out of my book, Carnal Abuse by Deceit. Starting on June 9th, I’ll reveal each step, one by one, and by Truth in Romance Day on June 15th, you’ll know them all and be on your way to restoring your self-esteem!

(If you can’t wait to read them, you’ll find them in chapter 15 on Amazon.)

The 2nd edition of Carnal Abuse by Deceit will be revealed on Amazon on June 15th as well.

I’ve learned a lot since I began writing my story. I hope the new, revised edition provides even more clarity for people who are struggling with the defiling crime of rape by fraud!

Share ID on Truth in Romance Day!

If you are involved in a new romance, make sure you participate in the sharing of ID with your new romantic partner. To make sure your friends, family and acquaintances know how important Truth in Romance is to you,  please print and pin the little Truth in Romance Day icons to anything you wear. Start the conversation! Be a part of the solution!

 #TruthInRomance Day is even more important than #ValentinesDay!

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