A True Life “Catch Me If You Can!”

Leonardo DiCaprio’s portrayal of a con artist can’t compare to this real life accused Lothario who faces justice for the first time today!

Tom Guida-The case of Tom Guida, also known as Tom Gatto to his many allegedly conned lovers will come before the judge in Edison NJ this morning.

Along with marrying more than one woman at a time, and the number has yet to be determined, Guida seems to have practiced as a Therapist without a license or educational credentials. In addition, he’s beleived to have posed as a Marine Reservist and Forensic Psychologist for the FBI.

Guida conned the wrong person when he met a savvy woman named Deb in North Carolina. She managed to unravel his sexual and relationship hoax and find others who had suffered the same misfortune. She’s connected them all into a support group that helps each one deal with the emotional anguish they face. Her story is listed as Deb’s Story under CAD TALES, and a more detailed chronicle of the events can be found on her webpage.

3 thoughts on “A True Life “Catch Me If You Can!””

  1. He didn’t show up but had filed for a continuance citing he had just obtained a lawyer. We all doubt that. Court is on the 30th.

    They wouldn’t assign a prosecutor until then. Penny went to the office and they still wouldn’t. I am not sure what to do but I think we need press before the 30th.


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