Battling the Enemy Within – Military Sexual Assault

Soldiers should not need to battle their own colleagues to prevent sexual trauma!

It’s heartbreaking when women who risk their lives to defend our nation become victims of sexual assault by those with whom they serve….  and even their senior officers!  One such survivor, Teresa Crossman, intends to change that!

In an effort to raise awareness, she has launched her Empowerment Beyond Trauma efforts and embarked on a podcast series which is available until May 18th. I was honored to be interviewed and included in her efforts.

Anyone wishing to sign up for the entire series can do so using this link. 

Military sexual assault is not exclusive to women.

Although women suffer the largest share of military sexual assault, men are also at risk.  And sexual predators in the military don’t confine their exploits solely to other military personnel. Often, they’ll misuse the trust and respect that their office affords them to violate non-military targets.

What can we do about it? 

As in all sexual assault crimes, the solution that would hold offenders accountable and provide justice for their victims is to #CodifyConsent in our laws. In order to make a difference in military law, we need federal legislation. Those who think that consent awareness is solely the province of the states, fails to recognize the rampant level of military sexual assault in which 50% of our enlisted females are victimized.

Help make a difference!Your Consent - The Key to Conquering Sexual Assault

Watch this TEDx Talk!

Read this book: “Your Consent the Key to Conquering Sexual Assault”

Call your legislators and demand change!!