#CodifyConsent – Did you hear what Harvey Weinstein said?

Weinstein finally opened his mouth at his sentencing and showed the world why we desperately need to #CodifyConsent in our laws!

When the jury asked his judge, Hon. James Burke, “What’s the legal definition for consent?’ all Burke could say was:

“Use your commonsense!”

Why? Because there’s NO DEFINITION for CONSENT in NY’s laws! And there is no definition in YOUR state’s laws either!

So what did Weinstein say that reveals exactly what we need to do to conquer sexual assault?

He said:

“It’s just – I’m totally confused – and men are confused about all these issues!”

Stop the confusion! 

Only vote for candidates who pledge to #CodifyConsent in our laws! Tweet them, instagram them. Ask “Will you #CodifyConsent if elected? ” Only vote for candidates who pledge “#IWillCodifyConsent!”

Use the hastag #CodifyConsent whenever you comment on #SexualAssault! And make a list of all the candidates running for office in your jurisdiction. Ask them “If elected, will you #CodifyConsent.” The only acceptable answer is #IWillCodifyConsent!” Share this hashtag with your neighbors and friends. Ask them to do the same!

Together, we can make the world a safer place!