India Understands What “Non-Consensual” Sex Really Means!

This story seems so familiar to many of us in the US. Yet NOTHING happens to put creeps like this guy behind bars here!

It’s not as if the victim was violently raped…. she wasn’t. But she was dealt the crushing blow of being defrauded of sex.

The victim’s father had posted her profile on a matrimonial site. Allegedly, Sameer Anwar Khan responded, claiming to be a police officer and a suitable suitor for his daughter. He actually pretended to marry this 22 year old woman by creating faked documents! Nothing he said or did was the truth.

This predator will not be dealt with as if he committed a violent rape. But he will be dealt with for the lesser charge of rape by fraud. He will do time for his misdeeds and be fined. And that’s how rape by fraud should be treated around the world!

YOU can make that happen, and prevent sexual assaults of all types while you’re at it! Pick up the phone! Call your legislator! Insist that they sign this language into law today…..

“Non-consensual sex is a sexual assault!”
“Consent is Freely Given, Knowledgeable and Informed Agreement!”


Don’t just “like” this message. Pick up the phone! Make it happen!

We CAN combat all kinds of sexual assaults, today!

2 thoughts on “India Understands What “Non-Consensual” Sex Really Means!”

  1. The police fail so many victims of rape and sexual assault and that needs to change. The person that raped me was not charged criminally and therefore no justice was served as is true in many of these cases

    1. 100% right Jenna! We need to make this stop, and only by enacting laws to clarify what sexual assault really is, and what consent really is, can we accomplish this goal!

      We need to standardize the expectation throughout our nation so everyone, no matter where they live, comprehends where seduction ends and sexual assault begins!

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