Little Wonder Police Rarely Charge for Sexual Assault!

Lehav 433 Major General Roni Rittman

The right to sexually exploit another human being seems perfectly natural to much of society…. even the police! And even people at the very top of the police force can be the culprits!

Isreal’s Police Maj. General Roni Rittman, who currently heads the corruption probes underway against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, was charged with kissing a female officer without her consent. CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW BRAVE THIS WOMAN WAS TO BRING CHARGES AGAINST HIM!!

Though the authorities stated her case had “merit,” nothing was done to censure Rittman. Only now, 7 years after the occurrence, according to the news source Haaretz, are steps being taken to out him from police work. The High Court Justice petition filed by the female officer impacted on the decision to discontinue Rittman’s service. He has resigned and will leave his post at the end of this year.

Society turns a blind eye to sexual assault

When the crime does not happen directly to an individual, its common for people to dismiss or minimize the occurrence. Somehow people think that being corrupt in a sexual way is isolated from one’s overall character. When the offender fills a useful post, it’s too easy to selfishly value the merits of their performance and dismiss that they may be a predator who causes harm to others and can’t be trusted.

Police work is one of many roles filled by disordered people. It provides them with rarely controverted authority and power. It’s no wonder they are inured to the depravity of the crime when its reported to them.

People who fail to see non-violent sexual violations as criminal acts have a blatant disregard for and respect for the emotional boundaries of others. They equate violence with crime and pooh-pooh the emotional harm caused by non-violent intrusions, even though the intrusion itself is, indeed, a physical violation. Their failure to recognize the crime speaks volumes about their lack of emotional empathy, a serious character flaw that is the underpinning of all forms of character disorder.