The US is about to be ruled by Character Disorder! And here’s why…..

#Trump or #Hitler What's the difference?The United States is about to become ruled by a political party with a high concentration of people with little or no responsive emotional empathy! And what’s more, because they refuse to give up their intense desire to be the dominant decision makers, they refuse to acknowledge that the man at the helm is severely, and dangerously Character Disordered!

The biology of political preference

When you look at the typical ideals that separate Republicans and Democrats, you  see what appears to be a pragmatic  vs. humanitarian division. But you’re actually witnessing the difference between people void of or with limited emotional empathy vs. neotypicals. Republicans consider pragmatism a virtue, and are focused inward on personal protections and gains. Democrats lean more toward humanistic, altruistic values. Have you ever wondered why? Very simply, its the oxytocin and other neuropeptides in your brain that causes your character.

DNA passes along SociopathyCharacter appears in a person along a continuum. We are all born with DNA that controls our ability to feel compassion and caring for others. Our volume of Oxytocin and other neopeptides is assigned to us through our genetics, and our response to them is affected by early development. For this reason, we’re all snowflakes whose ultimate character is a combination of nature and nurture. That combination can create devils and angels among us.

How Trump was elected

The road to success can take many paths, from travelling the high road to becoming disgraceful liars, cheaters and thieves. And there is abundant variety along the continuum. People with less emotional empathy will look at the end result without examining the underpinnings of how a person behaves. They see wealth as success in and of itself. And that is why Donald Trump is becoming our President……. because people who fail to recognize lack of character, or its impact, or have very little character themselves, are too numerous in our current society.

hillary-and-donaldTrump disgracefully (as consistent with the behavior expected of all character disordered people) shredded his opponent. He didn’t debate issues…. he tore away at her character, because he knew he had to deflect viewers from looking at his own.

In his own words, he is totally consumed by the “win” and could care less how he achieves it. And he will go for a person’s jugular no matter how meaningless or minuscule the prize. More and more of society can now recognize that nothing he said during the election had a drop of merit: he wasn’t giving up his business interests, Hillary wasn’t so terrible that he was going after her with criminal proceedings, he wasn’t going to make Mexico pay for a wall, and the list goes on and on. It was all a sham to inspire hatred, because hatred sells.

bell-curveThe division between Republicans and Democrats reflects the separation between those of us with greater emotional empathy, and those of us with less emotional empathy. But what is most important to recognize is that people at the far right of that continuum are psychopaths, and Donald Trump is a psychopath.

So now the real question is…..

Will the party who is made up of people on the right side of that character continuum, who have been voted into the power that can prevent us all from falling prey to a psychopath, step up and protect society? Or, are they so self-absorbed and blinded by ignorance that they let our society fall into fascism the likes of which we have never seen in our lifetime?

God bless America and prevent the tragedy that appears before our knowing eyes!  

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