7 thoughts on “William Allen Jordan Gets Jail Time!”

  1. Perhaps he should have been sentenced to a mental institution temporarily but not to prison.

      1. Correct- he’s a criminal. He’s not ill. Character disorder is not curable. It’s estimated that approximately 25% of prison inmates have some form of character disorder.

  2. What is to stop him from starting more relationships while in jail? I’ve met a couple women who were conned by guys in jail. He will continue garnering sympathy from vulnerable unsuspecting women, unless he is totally cut off from the outside world while he is in prison. Any woman who writes him, should be warned as to his exact offenses he has been justly convicted for, otherwise, he will have numerous woman waiting for him, upon his release. Personally, I think he should be jailed for life, for creating so many children that he does not support financially, especially as he has made no effort to pay back the $200,000 plus, he defrauded from his second wife.

    1. Attempts are being made to include him on Meagen’s List of sex offenders. Other than that, you’re quite right. There are people who are drawn to convicts.

      Jordan was discovered dating at least two women in the short time between when he’d made bail and when he plead guilty to his crimes. Hopefully, the notoriety he’s received over his escapades will help deter future victims from involvement with him. But he changes names like a chameleon changes colors, so learning his true identity is a challenge.

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