“Your Consent for Kids” Cartoon Is Coming!

Your Consent for Kids is coming!

Want an easy way to talk with your kids about “consent?” This engaging cartoon explains consent in terms every child can readily understand. Don’t worry, it’s not about sex! It’s about the simple things kids encounter everyday. It’s perfect for kids aged 6 through 12.

Consent Awareness Network is releasing this video, completely free, in order to grow a generation of consent-aware adults! Kids are our future!

Complete the form to request the video and the pdf with tips to get the best use of the cartoon, whether you’re a teacher in a class or watching with your kids on your device.

Release is expected on or about January 1. 

We welcome your comments and any photos of you having fun watching the video with your kids!

Donations are welcome, but not required. All donations help Consent Awareness Network fight to conquer sexual assault across the US and around the world!