Do Sexual Predators Ever Feel Remorse?

Brock Allen Turner, Covicted Sex Offender

Heck NO!! Just look at the new horror that Brock Turner is hurling at his victim!

Judge Aaron Persky
Judge Persky, the mysoginist magistrate who tried Turner’s rape case, for sexually violating an unconscious drunk woman, claimed he handed out a light sentence because he’d shown “remorse.” But now that Turner’s out of jail and having to deal with the terms of the sex offender registry, his remorse has flown out the window! Turner has filed an appeal.

Just days ago, the sentence of Oscar Pistorius, the South African double amputee who murdered his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, was doubled by the appeals judge on his case. Let’s hope that a new judge in the Turner case follows suit and demands that Turner be remanded for the stiff 14 year term that suits his crime!

5 thoughts on “Do Sexual Predators Ever Feel Remorse?”

  1. I actually did talk to the predator that raped me some years after it happened. I tried to have an intelligent conversation stating what had happened to me, how it is happening to thousands and thousands of victims, and what the top experts say about it, and how it can cause PTSD as it did me. He listened for a minute, and would have no part of it never once taking in the damage done to me. His comment was “Did you really think you could meet the man of your dreams online”. As if that gave him permission to sexually assault me. The PTSD mixed with my health conditions took a serious toll, and if I had died from it, he would not connect the dots that he had anything to do with it. So, I can testify that they show absolutely no remorse. If you are going down the street and hit someone on a bike, you get out and ask if they are alright, the fact that these predators show no remorse is baffling!

    1. Predators, whether sexual or not, are heartless. They have no conscience. It’s impossible for them to emotionally relate to the harm they create. That’s why the only thing that can stop them is penal code.

      You were mega-brave to attempt that conversation!

  2. Absolutely no remorse at all. Not even fake for public viewing remorse. They are evil predators. The man (if you want to call him a man) that raped me never ever felt an ounce of remorse.

    1. The only remorse they’d ever express is the kind that gets a reduced sentence through crocodile tears. That’s the kind of remorse that’s simply an insult.

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