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How to Catch a Catfish in the Act!

Selfie cropped

So you’ve found a new hottie on the internet! And (s)he’s saying all the right things! You’re beginning to feel like they’re the real deal….. charming, witty, attentive, sincere, cute. They truly seem to have their act together.

But how can you know if their photo’s for real?

Here are a couple of quick tips…….

Tip #1- Ask for a selfie containing something specific

They’ve told you about their pet dog, Bruno, or their gorgeous view of the river out their living room window. Ask for a selfie with whatever it is. People who scam others with false photos can’t comply with that request. If they drop you like a hot potato, you’ll know why.

Rather than sharing your email address, ask them to post the picture to their e-dating profile.

Tip #2- Catfish often scam with other people’s photos

You can discover if their photo is really theirs by using Google Reverse Image Search. Click the link for directions for your browser. In addition, you can see how long the photo has been used.

If they claim it’s a recent picture, but it’s been floating around on the internet for the past 5 years, you’ll find out.

Tune in tomorrow for: Help catch this real-live catfish!

………And not the kind with fins!