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Persky Does Damage Control!

California Criminal Judge Aaron Persky
California Criminal Judge Aaron Persky

California Judge Aaron Persky, the misogynist dinosaur who let rapist Brock Turner off with a short six month sentence, has volunteered to move from criminal to civil court.  Doing so will not assure that he will remain in civil court for the rest of his career. He could request to return at any time.

Bad judgement is bad judgment no matter where a case is tried. Brock Turner’s case, or a case of sexual assault against anyone else, could be tried as a civil matter. And civil trials are often settled because of judicial pressure or litigated without a jury. Can you hear his instructions to opposing counsel? “I expect you to settle this matter because how much do you think I’ll award your client for 20 minutes of action?”

Persky has no concept of violation. Civil victims  are as entitled to justice as cases that appear in criminal court. And Persky has demonstrated that he simply does not relate to the harm committed against victims. He should be stripped of his judicial role, not parked in a different court where he can hand out inappropriate damages!

Please sign the Change.org petition to remove Judge Persky from the bench.