Feds Nab Super Sex Duper in #RevengePorn and #RapeByFraud Case!

Mario Antoine- Apprehended for Catfish Crimes
Mario Antoine- Apprehended for Catfish Crimes

Mario Antoine, from the Kansas City MO area, made his first court appearance Monday on 21 assorted counts of duping for sex.  Even though the state of Missouri has specific laws to make Antoine’s actions a case of 2nd degree rape, it was the Feds that stepped in to put his lying butt behind bars!

The 33 year old Antoine is charged with pretending to be a videographer, talent manager and photographer of porno films in order to obtain sex from his victims. The indictments range from wire fraud and cyber-stalking, to extortion and more.

Using the alias of “NIkki” he attracted women into sex trysts that he claimed were “auditions” for work. He pretended the videos would only go to private, foreign clients and claimed connections to “Playboy Worldwide” and other fictitious, prestigious-sounding names. He used forged and false documents to make his businesses look legitimate.

When women complained about not getting paid, he allegedly sent porn images to their boyfriends and employers, a clear case of “revenge porn.”

Antoine had read the #StopRapeByFraud Blog!

The Feds seized Antoine’s cell phone and saw that he’d researched the information about this crime right here on this blog! They were outraged that even though he knew the wrongdoing involved, he went ahead with his plan.

The DailyBeast reports: 

“The search history on one of his cell phones revealed that he had visited “rapebyfraud.com, a website hosted by a sexual assault survivor which seeks to educate women how to avoid sex assault scams such as this one perpetrated by Antoine,” the indictment reads. “Antoine also used this same phone to conduct Google searches for ‘rape by deception,’ ‘rape by deception kansas,’ and ‘illegal to trick girls into sleeping with you.’”

FBI’s search continues

The FBI believes there are more victims who have yet to come forward. If you were duped by Mario Antoine, call the FBI office in Kansas City  at 816-512-8200.


Click this link for an in-depth interview on sexual assault by fraud

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4 thoughts on “Feds Nab Super Sex Duper in #RevengePorn and #RapeByFraud Case!”

  1. So what? How exactly did he “harm” these women? They obviously wanted the sex… He gave them the sex… And now he’s a criminal?

    1. You’re kidding right? He completely falsified the information on which their decision to have sex with him was based. What about fraud do you not understand?

      Bernie Madoff’s victims wanted to make an investment, right? They not only agreed to invest with him… they forked over their assets to him. Fraud is a criminal way to induce victims into a behavior.

      Don’t lie to get laid!

    2. Correct. It was their own greed and willingness to prostitute their bodies for money which did them in. And many of those women had boyfriends. If not for him, those men wouldn’t know that they were in relationships with prostitutes

      1. No matter what motivated his victims….. the offender is a rapist.

        BTW- Australia has a recent case in which a customer lied to a sex worker about paying her for sex. He gave her a bag full of paper instead of the money he promised. He was found guilty of rape.

        You need to get a grip on reality—– When it comes to your reproductive organs, no one has the right to deceive you…. period. When they do, they are assaulting, not seducing you.

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