E-Dating Alternatives, A to Z!


Why do we need them?

E-Dating has launched a serious crime wave! No matter what dating service you use, the likelihood that you’ll be scammed is great! The owner of Elite Dating estimates that approximately 53% of the dating profiles on his site contain lies.

Sure, there are the lucky few who actually find a match. But how many find pain and heartache instead? Is it really worth the risk………..especially when alternatives can produce great results?

Here’s the plan……

Find a pastime you love and do it! It will put you in the company of like-minded people! These folks are more likely to be authentic about who they are because they’re not meeting you in isolation and they’re not participating in an activity whose sole purpose is to hook-up!

  • If you’re sports-minded, you’ll see their character played out on the field.
  • If you’re an intellectual, you’ll get a front row seat to how their mind operates.
  • You’ll glimpse their behavior while they’re in a non-seducing state of mind.

You’ll make friends, stimulate your brain and, perhaps, exercise your body in the process! You’ll have fun, expand your outlook, and may even connect to the love of your life.

Here are some fabulous activities, from A to Z:

Animal Activist– Volunteer at your local Humane Society or ASPCA

Bowling, Bridge Club– Learn to bowl and participate in leagues at all levels. The same is true for “bridge.” Bridge players even enjoy cruises to fabulous destinations that feature playing and tournaments.

Culinary Clubs, Chess Clubs– Cook your way onto someone’s radar screen or learn to play and compete at chess. Another benefit…. chess keeps your brain young!

Crew, Canoe– Pick up a paddle and enjoy the unique pleasures of being on the water as well as the exercise.

dog-agilityDance Lessons & Dog Trials– Don’t have a partner to dance with? You’ll find one when you sign up for lessons. Or train your best buddy for agility or obedience competition.

Equestrian Events– Love horses? You don’t  have to ride to participate! Events consistently need volunteers to help with a myriad of tasks.

Fishing– Enter a contest or board a fishing party boat. You’ll meet loads of people who are devoted to this pastime!

Gardening Club, Golf– Digging your hands into the soil will “ground” you in many ways when you join a gardening club. Don’t have millions to invest in golf club membership? City and state parks as well as driving ranges abound, and most provide group as well as private lessons.

hikingHiking Club, Health Club– Hiking Clubs head off to interesting destinations. Health Clubs provide classes for all levels of fitness and a multitude of activities.

Ice Skating– Join a Skating Club. Sign up for lessons or literally take a “spin” on the ice! Play on a hockey team! You’ll find camaraderie as well as great exercise!

Judo, jiu jitsu– Learn discipline,  body control and self defense from a master.

Kayaking Club– You don’t need experience to paddle a kayak, but being able to swim’s a good idea! You’ll get wet so make sure to try it out on a warm day!

library-volunteerLacross Club or Library Volunteers– This interesting sport provides loads of exercise. Love books! Love kids? Help folks find what they need at your local library.

Museum Volunteers- Docents at museums or historical sites learn a tremendous amount about the subjects they’re interested in.

Newspaper volunteer– Community newspapers always need extra hands. The same jobs that exist in major media make a small scale newspaper run as well. Even if you can’t write your way out of a wet paper bag, you might make a decent editor or you could help with advertising or distribution. Putting out a community newspaper is a team activity.

Off-Roading Clubs– Are you really adventurous? If you own a 4 X 4 that’s quietly sitting in your driveway, get out and put it through its paces! Find an Off-Road Club near you!

Ping Pong, Platform Tennis, Paddle Ball. Pickle Ball– All take lots of energy, but the return is huge fun and exercise!

Quilting Clubs– Like to sew? If you’re a woman, you probably won’t encounter many guys there, but you’ll enjoy this pastime and might meet a person with a friend, brother or son  who they’d love to fix up!

Rocketry and Robotics Clubs, Running– Love flight, machines with moving parts, and science? You’ll be fascinated by watching launches and contests. And you don’t have to be a marathon runner to join up with your local running club. Both short distance and long distance road races abound in cities all around the world.

sailingSailing Club, Soup Kitchen Volunteer, Swim Club, SCUBA, Ski and Snowboard Clubs, and Singing in a choir– All great ways to have fun, and meet people!

Tai Kwon Do, Tennis– (Now we’re talking my language!) Tai Kwon Do improves balance, coordination, conditioning and self esteem. In tennis, city and state courts provide low cost resources as well as instruction. Tennis stimulates your brain as well as your body. And you discover a great deal about other people’s character by competing with or against them!

Ultimate Frisbee– Builds speed, agility and endurance. You don’t need to be a pro to compete and have fun!

Volleyball– Join a club or find a class at your local YMCA.

Walking Clubs– Speed walk or slow walk, you’ll find a club to suit your level. Don’t walk alone! Walking clubs like the NY Ramblers Hiking Club will stage hikes that you can join that travel to interesting destinations..

xylophoneX–  Ok, you’ve got me stumped…. Xylophone playing? You can find groups that teach just about every instrument. Try a music school near you and see what kind of group lessons they provide.

YMCA & Yoga– Join a myriad of events at your local YMCA, or find your Zen at a Yoga school! Your heart, your mind and your body will be happy you did!

Zog Sports and other similar organizations provide team sports in many locations. Whether you’re a total amateur or an experienced player, you’ll be welcomed on a team that suits your level of play. Make friends! Get great exercise!

So get out there and get walking, get running, get playing, get learning, and get off those dangerous e-dating sites! I’d love to hear from folks who meet a great relationship partner by doing something other than e-dating. Please post your story!






4 thoughts on “E-Dating Alternatives, A to Z!”

  1. Hi Ms. Short, how are you these days very busy. I saw Law and Order. I was a little disappointment. I wish they had more victims come forward,I did not like the word they used Pick Up Artist. The woman was not emotionally manipulated into a caring love of fraud. But it is a start. I believe dating sites have a responsibility to check out their clients. They should also, have a place to report fraud or abusive members. They take the money, they need to be accountable too. Last Meetup.com is a great activity site for group things. You can even start a group. It has more of common activities with other members, so you are not alone. Kindness to 🙂

    1. It’s a start!

      I would have preferred a more reality-based victim. It’s hard for viewers to feel sympathy for someone who is using sex so manipulatively herself. Most victims have no ulterior motive. They’re simply joyful about finding love in their life and are duped into trusting a callous predator.

      I’m considering a meetup group and giving thought to the benefits such an undertaking could provide. I’d be happy for suggestions.

    2. Meetup.com is also the perfect place for “Sexual Predators” to seek other vulnerable people!!!

      “Keep Yourself Safe…”

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