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Just In! Hillary Could Still Win!


Yes- It’s a huge long shot- but electoral votes are not tied to the candidates. On December 19th, electors can vote their conscience. They’ll be fined, but not heavily. And Hillary, the winner of the popular vote, can still become President!

If you think this is nuts, ask yourself, “Would Al Gore have plunged the United States into a baseless war against Iraq?” Continue reading Just In! Hillary Could Still Win!

Why electing Hillary is a big deal!

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Hillary Rodham Clinton

I’m an American. I’ve voted for more years than most Americans have been alive. That means, I was born long before EEOC and Title IX came into existence.

Growing up, I was a springboard diver. I was the City Champ in my town, Columbia, SC. When I went off to college at the University of Georgia, I was allowed access to the “men’s pool” 2 hours per week. And during that time, the diving board was closed because it Continue reading Why electing Hillary is a big deal!