Joyce Short Interviews with Toni Lontis – W4WN Radio 4/11

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Interviewing with Toni Lontis tomorrow evening, 4/10. WFWN Radio– Women for Women, in Australia – 9 AM Friday in Australia, 7 PM Thursday, Eastern Time Zone-US.

Per W4WN Radio:

Joyce Short- Author and Sexual Assault Victim’s Advocate

This week on RADIO TONI I’m interviewing the “Consent Crusader” Joyce Short. She’s a sexual assault survivor and a TEDx Talk Presenter. She’s the author of several books on sexual assault. Her most recent release, “Your Consent – The Key to Conquering Sexual Assault,” helped create rape-law bills in two states, and counting. It provides a meaningful solution to the issues raised by #MeToo… and it’s currently available on Amazon. Listen in live with us at on Thursday 7pm US ET or Friday 9 AM AEST (for listeners who live in Australia.)

More about Toni:

Toni’s story is inspirational from a troubled childhood to tumultuous early adulthood through miscarriage, divorce, to supporting her daughter through the judicial system, to the enjoyment of the happiness she has found in her life. Toni’s story will have you on the edge of your seat as she inspires you to overcome adversity.

Her life epitomizes resilience and speaking, educating and listening to others on the subject of trauma and trauma recovery, is her passion.

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