“Your Consent” New Release on Amazon

My new book, Your Consent – The Key to Conquering Sexual Assault, just went live on Amazon!

Sexual assault claims a new victim every 98 seconds. As I’ve discussed on Nightline, BuzzFeed, Inside Edition and more, I’ve researched the penal codes of the US and discovered that “consent” is poorly defined from coast to coast. Without a proper definition for consent, we can’t hold sexual predators accountable!


I’m conducting a Pre-Release campaign that will bolster the ranking of this important work on its launch date. It would be a tremendous help for you to register for your copy and encourage others to do the same! Here’s the link.

Together, we can make the world a much safer place!

Thank You!

2 thoughts on ““Your Consent” New Release on Amazon”

  1. I have begun to send PDF copies to Lawyers, Senators, and everyone I know. The Key to Conquering Sexual Assault is what our nation need to help change laws and properly define consent regarding sexual assault. I am totally on board with this mission. #FGKIA sign IT into law today!!!!!!!

  2. Your Consent – The Key to Conquering Sexual Assault is a well-written, concise guide that provides insight concerning consent awareness, gaps in our present laws, and remedies regarding how deficiencies in the penal codes should be addressed. I’ve been forwarding it to my local legislators and find it to be an invaluable resource in explaining what needs to be done to reform our laws by including language that defines consent as #FGKIA: freely given, knowledgeable informed agreement.

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