20 Ways to Combat Sorrow and Loss Around the Holidays

Our brains control our minds, and WE control our brains!

Our best bet to bring joy back into our lives, once we’ve experienced devastating loss, is by reprogramming our brains!

Neuropsychology is the melding of two separate but related studies….

Pshychology, which attempts to resolve why and how we think the way we do by examining our emotions and our developmental experiences,

Neuroscience, the biology of the brain.

By joining both studies together, we can see how the brain, a three pound glob of sophisticated jelly, controls our lives…. Or does it?

Can we control our brains to make improvements in its functioning? Neuropsychologists tell us that the brain possesses neuroplasticity, the ability to constantly change through cell reproduction. So are we married to our grief, or even our beliefs? And can we impact our emotions and thoughts in a positive way… toward permanent change?

Our brains contain a hundred billion nerve cells, divided among hormones and other brain chemistry, synapses, protoplasm, and a host of complex structures. The area of our brain that processes emotions is the amygdala which is found in the limpid system, mid brain, at the point where a line between both eyes would collide with a line connecting our ears.

Our right amygdala processes negative emotions like fear and sadness. Our left amygdala processes happiness, as well as sadness, but is also believed to control our reward system. The amygdala launches the brain and body’s reactions to outside stimuli, particularly those that elicit fear, anxiety and love.

How can you stimulate your way out of depression?

Our brains produce four types of neurotransmitters that promote feelings of well-being and happiness: dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins. Each can be harnessed in a variety of ways to pull a person up from despair.

By completing the following form, you’ll receive your list of 20 simple ways to stimulate your good-vibe hormones into action. It’s my holiday gift to you with the hope of making your holiday season as bright as possible, for now and for always!

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