Melania Trump- The look of an abused woman!

Anyone who lives with abuse can see them self in these two interactions.  When he turns toward her, she smiles. When he turns away, her heartache is visible all over her face.

Melania’s been cowed, shamed, and pastes on a smile whenever it’s required. But notice, even though she seemed totally crest-fallen at whatever maliciousness Trump expressed toward her, she repressed any change in her facial expression ’til her oppressor turned away. She’s well-schooled in tolerating his despicable behavior. And as you can see, he can hurl harm without changing his own facial character one single iota. It’s all a show, and he’s the master showman.

While maintaining an artificial smile might assuage his intemperance in the privacy of their home, it sure doesn’t work while the cameras of the entire world are trained on their personal yet public interaction. She likely received  a sharp rebuke from these public showings of her feelings about him.

He’ll relegate her back to her gilded cage in Trump Tower as soon, and as much as possible.

A picture speaks a thousand words!

Heaven help this poor woman!

3 thoughts on “Melania Trump- The look of an abused woman!”

  1. Omg, this is so true…and sad indeed.

    You can see it all over her face and body language. How many of us have done the very same in our lives? Knowing something is so very wrong and off, yet going with the flow anyway…

    So sad.

    1. What I find so revealing is that she restrains herself from expressing emotion as long as they are face to face. But the minute he turns around, her entire demeanor changes. She was not only upset by whatever he said, but afraid of showing her feelings to him.

      1. Yes, that’s just it. It is so evident in her facial expressions that she exists, at least in public, just to ‘please’ and placate him. As if she is a non-person in her own right, and is there, just to make him shine, make him look normal, and make it seem as if as least SOMEONE likes (loves) him.

        Appearances are everything to these types (the personality disordered).

        As I said, it’s sad, and tragic as well.

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