Trump Is a Wake-Up Call About Sociopaths

Not My President!
Not My President!

People can look at each individual area of Trump’s impact; on the economy, freedom of religion, immigration, racism, women’s rights, foreign policy, global warming, etc. but that will simply create brush fires scattered across the nation. And it will not give our country the unity that we need in order to overcome the tragic knock in the head that should wake us all up!  It will simply divide us into small camps to address individual areas of concern.

Instead, we need to deal with the bigger picture. 

Trump is a Narcissistic Sociopath. He ticks every box of the disorder. He is consumed by grandiosity and winning. He is impulsive, has no shame, no respect for his fellowman or woman, cares nothing about the people he harms, is ruthless and a demagogue. And he is quickly surrounding himself with mindsets that will say “How high?, Mr. President, Sir!” when he says “Jump!”

He has shown us his character over and over again, but only a few people understand his character flaws or how detrimental they are for leading society. I’m sure if he saw this statement, he would rip me apart and try to silence me by going for my jugular, instead of addressing the issue I’m raising. Deflection is how sociopaths fight against truth. Ripping Hillary Clinton apart and stirring up people’s fears was the basis of his entire campaign.

We need to “Get It!”

If this election has failed to show us that our nation is comprised of both neurotypicals and sociopaths (psychopaths) it has taught us nothing. Society needs to recognize that we live in a world of people with and people without emotional empathy, and that having little or no emotional empathy enables people to do horrible things to others…. like raping their wife or bragging about “pus*y grabbing.” And by the way, his video with Billy Bush shows how Trump determines whether he can or can’t manipulate a person. His vulgar comments are thrown out to see how the person reacts when he’s obnoxious.

Sociopaths may seem perfectly normal when they chose to, but they will undermine anyone when it serves their purpose. Trump is big on loyalty because he has none. He believes that having loyal followers makes him look loyal. He has to be sure that the people who have withstood his loyalty testing over time are at his side to pretend he is normal. His hiring tactics are unorthodox because as a sociopath, he has the cognitive grasp of a person’s character and can tell whether they will do his bidding, even when he is blatantly wrong. For example, his campaign manager and Vice President constantly cover-up for him. We all heard what we heard, but they put spin on his rhetoric to make it palatable to the masses.He knows how to pick people who will excuse the obvious, just like Jim Jones.

Yes, he’s a cult leader.

Jones could not have done it better! If Jones’s followers had understood that he was just a demagogue dishing out kool aide the entire time, they would have risen up and escaped their doom.They could not do so individually. They would have been destroyed. They would have had to come together in their recognition in order to have the power to escape from tragedy. And we as US citizens need to do the same.

It starts with recognizing that this man is character disordered. Many people are, but we don’t make them our President. Sociopaths live among us, and the quantity will surprise the heck out of you! Read. Learn. Grasp what is really behind the problem we are facing so we can collectively fix it. Here is the description of “the charming psychopath” from Psychology Today:

Key Symptoms of Psychopathy


  • Glib and superficial
  • Egocentric and grandiose
  • Lack of remorse or guilt
  • Lack of empathy
  • Deceitful and manipulative
  • Shallow emotions

Social Deviance:

  • Impulsive
  • Poor behavior controls
  • Need for excitement
  • Lack of responsibility
  • Early behavior problems
  • Adult antisocial behavior

Here’s the link. 

So please, read and educate yourself. Only through education and enlightenment will this nation find a solution.

10 thoughts on “Trump Is a Wake-Up Call About Sociopaths”

  1. Hello Joyce. You are dead on with your proposition. This is a major situation. The country is now being led by a person with no absolutely no conscience, and a fragile ego that causes impulsive aggression whenever he senses any type of threat to his demented sense of dominance. This is an extremely dangerous situation for our country. I began writing on this topic this past summer, and intend to write more. Please keep educating others on this topic, and take a look at my report if you have some time. Again, thanks. B. Ashley

    1. Two-

      I briefly read your posts and will get back to give it a more thorough reading. I’ll be leaving a comment when I have a bit more time to write. Well done!

      I’d like to humbly suggest you read my post “Is Donald Trump a Sexual Psychopath.” If you chose to use the information, I’d appreciate your linking to it.

      Discrediting the psychological analysis of a layman is easier to do than to discredit the factual statements that appear in actual law.

      The silver lining around our “Trumped Up Cloud” is that we can awaken society about the realities of Character Disorder.

      1. Hi. I will definitely read it soon. I also came across a Dr’s post that gets into the topic of Trump and women and will forward you the link. Until then.

  2. Wow.

    This part: ‘Sociopaths may seem perfectly normal when they choose to, but they will undermine anyone when it serves their purpose. Trump is big on loyalty because he has none. He believes that having loyal followers makes him look loyal. He has to be sure that the people who have withstood his loyalty testing over time are at his side to pretend he is normal.’

    That is the only relationship that we have ever had with our son, who is now almost 35. He has never been loyal, and has only used us as a facade to his being perceived as normal.

    Thank you for this article. It hurts, but it is true.

    1. My heart goes out to you. I have one of those myself. Guess how old he is…. 35! Sometimes nature is much stronger than nurture. All we can do is the best we can do with the knowledge and resources we had at the time. I take some measure of peace in knowing I did so and hope you can do so as well!

      1. Thank you Joyce. I know…it is eerily strange that we both have a son the same age. Perhaps I was meant to find your website.

        Your posts always help so much. More than you know.

        Cheers to you.

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