What Trump’s Behavior Says About Pence!


If you haven’t seen the 2005 video that categorically reveals the underbelly of the beastly Republican nominee for President, Donald Trump, here it is….

But what does this say about the judgement of Mike Pence who’s riding on Trump’s coat tails?

How many times have we heard the Republican nominee for Vice President, Indiana Governor Mike Pence,  claim that Trump didn’t
say what we all heard him say? Do we really want a Vice President, and possibly a President, who tries to manipulate our reality?

Right in front of our eyes during the VP debate, Democratic nomineeeTim Kaine asked Pence how he could justify Trump’s ideology. Pence failed to provide a shred of defense for the positions of support he’d taken. At other times he excused Trumps’s behavior by telling us that Trump really doesn’t mean what he says. Excuse me?? Really????

Time after time, Trump has given us a clear glimpse into his mysoginist, immoral mindset. Yet Mike Pence blatantly told us to close our eyes to the obvious. He has an opportunity, today, to stand up and be a man by renouncing his running mate whose mindset shouldn’t exist in a locker room, let alone in the oval office!

Pence’s past demonstrates he can’t even support the Republican platform that Trump espouses to rally votes!

Trump’s claim that he’ll keep jobs from disappearing to Mexico are surely not backed by Pence’s track record. In his own state, he lost Carrier Corp and United Technologies Electronic Controls…. 2100 jobs. And guess where they went! You got it,,,, Mexico! The economy of Indiana was shown to be the slowest growing in the country. So much for his ability to bolster the US economy and keep jobs in our country!

Why does Trump’s campaign keep ticking like the  Energizer Bunny? 

energizer-bunnyTrump’s support base is comprised of people who are mysoginist and racist! Anyone who could possibly vote for this man after hearing how he objectifies women is grotesquely misogynist themselves. This election will show us just how much bigotry exists in this country! People who here-to-fore thought misogyny existed as a small minority of our population, and that our country is basically comprised of people who are morally intact, should heed the wake-up-call this election provides.

Regarding Pence’s level of morality…..

How does the Republican party think we can support someone who is so self-consumed with riding a grotesquely misogynist’s coattails into the Vice-Presidency, that he doesn’t have the balls (pardon me) to stand up to immorality? Even if Mike Pence withdraws his brown nosing face from Donald Trump’s hindquarters, and denounces him as the Republican candidate at this late date, it is blatantly obvious that he lacks the character and judgment we need anywhere near the White House! Any consideration the Republican party gives to replacing Donald Trump, should not consider putting Mike Pence in that role!

11 thoughts on “What Trump’s Behavior Says About Pence!”

  1. With respect to all previous comments,
    for me personally he is appalling
    BUT how many men speak, brag and act as pigs?
    Personally for me Hillary is worse.
    I dont believe she’ll keep the US safe.
    The economy will continue to suck,
    Trumps not my pastor and
    I’d never date the bastard
    Still the lesser of 2 evils.

    1. That is ridiculous. This is not a political forum. We are talking about the complete pathology of a certain person. This is not about whether one will keep America safe nor about abortion. Please go to a different forum about political views if this is what you wish to discuss. Thank you

      1. Also, your opinions are from one side of the spectrum to the other…you are clearly ‘religious’ (I cite your reference to ‘more babies will die’ and ‘my pastor’). Yet, is it really a ‘christian’ thing to call someone a bastard?

        Hmmm. This is so common in people of faith. two faced-ness. So sad.

        I am not religious. I look at and see the world through realism and sanity. Your post does not really belong on this forum, for this is not a political nor a religious forum, but a psychological one.

      1. I was commenting on ‘Anonymous’s’ post…not the original post.

        Sorry for any confusion.

      2. I suppose this does pertain to both issues..political and pathological.

        I suppose it just irks me to bring religion into politics, where it should not be,

        I apologize for getting so worked up about that.

        Cheers, all. 🙂

  2. Manipulate reality indeed. This is the most unusual US election ever. Pence is simply Trump’s minion. A veritable nightmare. Pence is an apath who prefers to deny the truth. I am a Canadian living in Canada, thank goodness. I do not, for the life of me know, how there can be so many American apaths in the US who would perpetuate such a travesty. How is this even happening?

    1. I believe you’ve hit the nail on the head.

      People don’t get it because they’re apaths. This election is a direct indication of just how much immorality exists in our society.

  3. Trump is totally a disgusting man and hopefully voters see it before it’s too late

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