Donald Trump- What his politics say about society

Donald Trump and his politics
Republican presidential candidates Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, left, and Donald Trump, Thursday, Aug. 6, 2015, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Sociopaths are ruthless about success, after all, they have no conscience. They can easily disregard another person’s rights in order to prevail. We all wish our national agenda; prosperity for all, safety, and democracy, could carry the day! Here we are in a world fully charged with hate mongering as Donald Trump, exuding bravado, catapults himself into the political arena.

Yes, we’re all impressed with his personal power. He gets his way, despite the countless people he tramples to do so. And every bully in the universe applauds such character. So much so that regardless of his offensive, hostile attacks on anyone who gets in the way, and the brute tactics he espouses against enemies such as ISIS, there are folks who fail to condemn his ruthless mindset.

Verbal assaults on Mexicans, TV host Megyn Kelly, war hero John McCain, and more, make morally intact listeners shudder that his flamboyant buffoonery can exist in auspicious and important circles.

From business mogul to master of the universe! 

constitutional rightsBeing a star in the business world is not sufficient for his megalomaniacle aspirations. Now he wants to be the prime mover and shaker of the world, the President of the United States.  And only because of the freedoms assured by our constitution could such a remarkable travesty take place.

Like everyone else, sociopaths have rights. 

They can aspire to do anything, and they can say anything, as long as it’s not against the law. His supporters believe that it’s okay to bully your way through the world and find Trump’s agenda uplifting. But what are they really telling us about today’s moral standards? And what values are currently revered by society?

If you listen closely to Trump, you’ll hear that forcing people into submission is acceptable behavior. The people who agree with his perspective probably see my opposition as “wimpy.” But the practice of forcing people, threatening them, tormenting them and harming them into compliance is very sociopathic behavior.

Do consideration and negotiation work in international politics?

The opposite of consideration and negotiation is war and conflict.

Throw a stone, the opposition justifies hurling a boulder back at you. You can’t care about who gets hurt in the process. Escalations of this sort feed hatred and can set off a nuclear attack when carried out by government.  Enraged sociopaths, who justify gruesome horror, can get anywhere and do anything today;  hop on  a plane and plant a bomb, kidnap and rape women and children, publicly behead strangers… we’ve all seen the horrors in the news. And we want it to stop.

So the question comes down to how we go about insuring decency, and in doing so do we embrace the same sociopathic mindset of our foes? When we do, when we become callous, conscienceless, violent, destructive instruments of harm, aren’t we undermining our own character, the very thing we’re striving to protect? 

Sociopathy is corrupt. And it will cause society’s values to implode. Is that the life we want for our future? If not, we have to take the difficult path and stay the course of decency. It takes strength to refrain from becoming corrupt in the face of corruption. Donald Trump has clearly demonstrated that he lacks that level of character.

Sociopaths are gutless. They harm and force their way through the world because they don’t have the patience, foresight, intellect or reason to productively influence others. They’re shortsighted, failing to see the big picture. They want immediate gratification regardless of the harm they create. They are the enemy that lurks within. Donald Trump is an impulsive, intemperate bully whose philosophy would undermine everything worth protecting about our society if he were to succeed.

Democratic rule does not reflect a true majority unless significant numbers cast their votes

Vote in the Presidential election!
Everyone’s vote counts!

The Washington Post reported that only 58% of the voting aged public came to the polls during the 2012 election. Based on that return, political succession could be achieved by winning over less than one third of our population. In order for the sociopathic mentality of Trump to fail, the silent majority must express a more vocal vision for the world. This is an election where people really need to get out and vote!


Is Donald Trump a sociopath?Thanks to Donald Trump’s bid for the Presidency, more folks are becoming cognizant of what the term sociopath really means! So, his influence might be considerably different than what he expected!