New Jersey’s Legal Incongruity

Joe and Teressa Giudice by 7Eyewitness News
Joe and Teressa Giudice by 7Eyewitness News

Off to the slammer!

Joe Guidice, star of reality TV’s The Housewives of New Jersey, was sentenced yesterday, April 2, 2015, for Driver’s License Fraud in Patterson, New Jersey. Seems he used “false personation”, documents of his brother’s, regarding his birth and marriage records, to secure a driver’s license.

He and his wife are both already in hot water over concealing income over bankruptcy proceedings. The penalty handed down for his License Fraud was 18 months in the State Pen, a suspended license, and a $10,000 fine, according to 7online. 

So, obviously, the state of New Jersey takes a dim view of being lied to about people’s birth and marriage… yet Assembly Bill (#3908, Sexual Assault by Fraud,) to stop predators from defrauding victims of sex by those very same lies, has yet to emerge from the Legislative Judiciary Committee and hit the Assembly floor where it can get a fair hearing.

Please sign the petition to support passage of the law and let the Committee Chair, John McKeon, know how you feel!

2 thoughts on “New Jersey’s Legal Incongruity”

  1. What a couple! Fraudsters, both of them, and so trashy.

    “A New Jersey judge sentenced Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Teresa and Giuseppe “Joe” Giudice to 15 and 41 months in prison, respectively, for bankruptcy, mail, and wire fraud.”

    People like this are morally bankrupt. And stupid.

    And what is with his HAIR?! Any man with hair like that may as well just wear a red flag on his head. I guess it’s a reflection of what’s going on inside. Too bad it isn’t that way with everyone.

    There is hope for 3908. It’s not a difficult connection to make. Fraud is fraud.

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