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Your donation can help this site continue its efforts to shut down rape mentality!

Several ways you can lend a hand…

Purchasing either or both of my books can provide needed revenue to cover the costs of web hosting, communication systems, design, marketing, and the efforts required.

Combating Romance Scams, Why Lying to Get Laid Is a Crime! contains the laws and common sense about “consent” that can ignite desperately needed change……. directly for you, for your state, and around the world! Click title to purchase.


#CAD or #CarnalAbuseCarnal Abuse by Deceit, How a Predator’s Lies Became Rape, will help you and society understand what happens when people are tricked into sexual relationships. It provides steps to heal and guide victims toward empowerment. Click title to purchase.


Our legislators must take steps to enact legislation in order to make a difference.

Your contribution will insure that they understand both why and how protecting your sexual autonomy is important! All donations are welcome and will support sending Combating Romance Scams to your legislators as well as helping to cover the cost of this webpage.

Donate at any level!

  • $25- Supporter- Your contribution will speed Combating Romance Scams to your legislator with a personal note telling them why this issue matters to you. It will cover the cost of sending 2 press kits to media in your area. Click to donate. Complete the form that follows.
  • $50- Sponsor – We will deliver 2 books, one to your State Assembly Member or local Representative, and one to your State Senator, along with letters to each. We will also deliver 3 press kits to your local media. Click to donate. Complete the form that follows.
  • $100- Angel – We will deliver 4 books to your legislators, and 5 press kits to your local media. Click to donate. Complete the form that follows.
  • Click this link to donate a different amount and complete the form that follows.

Changing society’s misconceptions on consent and sexual assault  is time consuming and costly. Your support and donation is greatly appreciated. Thank you!






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