Your Consent


The Key to Battling Sexual Assault


#MeToo and #TimesUp have focused a glaring light on sexual assault. While they’ve raised awareness, they’re a movement in desperate need of a solution. Properly defining consent in our laws is a crucial key!

Every state across the United States has different laws on sexual assault. What’s acceptable behavior in one place is a crime just a mile down the road in another. Our penal codes define sexual assault by specific acts that each individual state chooses to prosecute; leaving a wide range of sexual assault victims with no hope of justice, and sexual predators free to commit defiling acts with no threat of accountability. This confusion contributes to rape.

Why do we have this problem?                                            

Consent is an easily understood term that our laws have twisted and distorted out of shape because they’re based on bizarre and outdated concepts like chattel, the belief that your father or husband owns your chastity, and a wife or daughter is their property. Law makers have applied some band aid fixes to portions of sexual assault laws but the combination of inadequate changes and outdated concepts have created the mess we’re in today.

Some states even have lists they call “without consent.” If instead of picking and choosing the sexual assaults they’ll place on their prosecution list, they’d simply prosecute all sexual assaults as a crime, we could shut down rape mentality. But they don’t. Our law makers fail to address this issue for three principle reasons that you can help to change.

Your Consent- The Key to Battling Sexual Assault, a quick read in PDF format, explains exactly what you can do to make a difference, how  you can do it, and why you should. The price of $2.50 helps spread the concept and importance of “consent” around the world.

Get your copy of  Your Consent- The Key to Battling Sexual Assault today!

Help put an end to sexual assault and rape so that you, your children and your children’s children can live in a safer world!










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