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CAN Stands with Black Lives Matter

Haven’t we grown up yet?

Abolition ended slavery but failed to end the tragedy of bigotry against an entire portion of the world population. The ironic concept that because of the color of a person’s skin, they are “less than” and therefore, not entitled to dignity and respect, remains a hideous part of our society today, in the 21st century. Continue reading CAN Stands with Black Lives Matter

Pistorius Murdered his Betrayal Bonded Lover!


South Africa’s highest court finally provided justice for betrayal bonded Reeva Steenkamp, the beautiful model who Paralymipc star, Oscar Pistorius, love-bombed and tormented. On December 3, in Bloemfontein, South Africa, Justice Eric Leach overturned the prior decision of Justice Masipa to disqualify  the charge of murder in favor of a lesser charge, equivalent to manslaughter. Continue reading Pistorius Murdered his Betrayal Bonded Lover!

OJ’s Acquittal Anniversary- 10/3

Orenthal James Simpson (OJ)
Orenthal James Simpson (OJ)

There’s something very ironic about the name of the prison that Orenthal James Simpson, the man known to the world as “OJ,” now calls home…….Lovelock Correctional Center. It’s a fitting place for someone acquitted of murdering his ex-wife and her friend 20 years ago, tomorrow.   Continue reading OJ’s Acquittal Anniversary- 10/3