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Victim or villain? Transgender Deceit!

Sexual defilement shakes a person at their very core! It can drive a person to commit suicide or murder!

I was contacted this week by the mother of a man who killed a transgender woman. I’m not being specific because this case and efforts to mitigate her son’s sentence are in the works. I would not want anything coming out of my mouth or from my pen to do any harm to this case.

Because many transgenders think their sex shouldn’t matter in sex…….. (please explain that absurdity to me!!) society seems to be  Continue reading Victim or villain? Transgender Deceit!

#LGBTQ- Transgender Disclosure and Rape by Fraud


#CaitlynJenner and #rapebyfraud laws
Will Caitlyn Jenner support transgender disclosure?

I’d love to hear Olympic Gold Medalist Caitlyn Jenner’s take on transgender disclosure to sexual partners. Due to all the press she’s received, it’s unlikely that a person she engages in sex with would be unaware of her gender of origin. None-the-less, by her publicly supporting disclosure, she could help minimize the fear that “transgendering” creates for society.

Two consenting adults can do just about anything, but the operative Continue reading #LGBTQ- Transgender Disclosure and Rape by Fraud