CONSENT Song Contest

Win a $500 prize by singing about #CONSENT!

Is the word “CONSENT” music to your ears?


Help spread the meaning of CONSENT around the world!

The definition for “consent,” both in society’s understanding AND our laws, should be #FGKIA – Freely Given, Knowledgeable and Informed Agreement. Your music can make that happen!

Below are lyrics in search of a melody

There are 3 poems to chose from. You can mix them up or add verses. And you can use one you think up on your own. Just look at the guidelines below about what your song needs to contain.

Post your version of your song on YouTube. The version with the most likes by December 1, 2020 is the winner!*

Be sure to watch the TEDxTalk, “When YES Means NO – The Truth about Consent” to get the background information about consent that you’ll need for your song.

Post a comment on your submission to engage your audience. You can ask them what they think about consent and to support your song with a like!

*Be sure to follow the guidelines listed below. 

Here’s poem #1


I see you making eyes at me,

You’re playing with my heart,

But let’s be clear,

You need to hear,

Before we even start……


I’ve got some rules

Don’t think like fools

Who take what I won’t give.

Respect for me, It’s got to be..

This body’s where I live!


F-G-K-I-A, that’s how I spell CONSENT!

I’m not a sugar-coated prize,

I’m not entitlement!

It’s privilege getting close to me,

I’m giving you my trust.

Don’t scare me, force, or lie to me,

To satisfy your lust.


F-G means freely given,

Not taken by some trick,

Not fooled, not forced, not compromised,

Too young, too drunk, too sick.


KI’s informed agreement,

With knowledge as my guide.

Consent is my decision,

Not stolen ‘cuz you lied.


F-G-K-I-A is how I spell CONSENT!

I’m not a sugar-coated prize,

I’m not entitlement.

Don’t make decisions for me,

My body’s mine to share,

With someone who I chose to be,

Not someone who you scare.


So hear me out,

Don’t fuss or shout,

It’s how it’s got to be.

There’s no mistake,

It’s give, not take,

Respect my boundary.


F-G-K-&-I-A is how I spell CONSENT!

I’m not a sugar-coated prize,

I’m not entitlement.

It’s privilege, getting close to me,

I’m giving you my trust,

Don’t scare me, force or lie to me,  

To satisfy your lust!



F-G-K-&-I-A is how I spell CONSENT!

I’m not a sugar-coated prize,

I’m not entitlement.

Don’t twist my arm, don’t do me harm,

Don’t lie, or shout or scare.

Before we start, you’ll win my heart,

And show me that you care.


Here’s Poem #2


My body’s not a token, not a prize,

Don’t defile me with coercion, force or lies.

My body’s not yours to take, it’s mine to give.

My body’s not your entitlement….it’s where I live,


Don’t think consent’s a privilege, it’s a must!

No matter how intensely you feel lust.

FGKIA, Keep your rape mentality away.

FGKIA, Sign it into law today…

        Freely given, knowledgeable and informed agreement.


Last but not least… Here’s Poem #3


The words “You can” mean “I consent”

You say so with your voice.

But it’s not consent if you’re forced, or tricked,

Or scared into your choice.


Consent means: “Freely given,

When you know the facts and agree.”

So don’t force, or trick, or try to scare,

When you want consent from me!


Song Contest Guidelines

  1. Contestants can use the exact wording of these poems or change them to suit their needs. They can also add verses to the ones that are already written.
  2. Submissions that don’t use the poems must contain #FGKIA at least 3 times and define the meaning of consent in a positive way that includes “freely given, knowledgeable and informed agreement.”
  3. The melody must be original.
  4. The song may not contain vulgar or sexually explicit language.
  5. The video may not display any graphic sex act.
  6. Entries must be titled “Consent Song Contest by_______ (Your name, or the name of your group or band.)
  7. Notify that you submitted your song along with the URL for the post.
  8. Entries must have a minimum of 50 likes by 10 PM EST on November 30 to be eligible for prize money.
  9. Contestants who are under the age of 18 must supply permission from a parent or legal guardian to be eligible for prize money. Have them write to with their permission.
  10. Submissions will be used to promote the concept of “consent” by the Consent Awareness Network.
  11. Questions and comments should be addressed to

Can’t sing but you’d like to help…..

Your contribution will enable us to broadcast this contest to a wider audience and make 2nd and 3rd place prizes possible. Here’s a PayPal link for your contribution of any amount, or simply write to No contribution is required for anyone to participate in this contest.

Defining "consent" is the critical key to conquering sexual assault!

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