“CONSENT” Song Contest

Who will win our $500 Grand Prize by singing about #CONSENT?

This contest is designed to spread the meaning of CONSENT around the world!

The definition for “consent,” both in society’s understanding AND our laws, should be #FGKIA – Freely Given, Knowledgeable and Informed Agreement. Several legally enforced codes tell us so……. but not penal code. By putting consent to music, we hope to make it happen!

Tap the following links to hear each entry by the artist’s name:

Sikuade Omoforera- Nigeria

Anigo Victor– Nigeria

Padriag- Nigeria

Alena Bernardi- US


The poems for the contest were taken directly from the TEDx Talk, When YES Means NO – The Truth about Consent, the book, Your Consent – The Key to Conquering Sexual Assault and the cartoon, Your Consent for Kids.

Which version creates the anthem to get the world signing about consent? Pick your favorite!

Beyond voting, here’s how you can help! 

Your contribution will enable us to broadcast this contest to a wider audience and make 2nd and 3rd place prizes possible. It will also provide us with funds to conduct this contest in additional languages.

Here’s a PayPal link for your contribution in any amount, or simply write to Info@ConsentAwareness.net.

No contribution was required from anyone who participated in this contest.

The winner?

The winner will have the most “likes” on our YouTube channel by the deadline of Midnight, Eastern Daylight Time, September 15, 2020.  So please… Give a listen! Give a like! Give a donation! Help make the world a safer place!


Contestants were asked to create a melody for the following poems, mix or match, or create something entirely unique:

Here’s Poem #1


I see you making eyes at me,

You’re playing with my heart,

But let’s be clear,

You need to hear,

Before we even start……


I’ve got some rules

Don’t think like fools

Who take what I won’t give.

Respect for me, It’s got to be..

This body’s where I live!


F-G-K-I-A, that’s how I spell CONSENT!

I’m not a sugar-coated prize,

I’m not entitlement!


It’s privilege getting close to me,

I’m giving you my trust.

Don’t scare me, force, or lie to me,

To satisfy your lust.


F-G means freely given,

Not taken by some trick,

Not fooled, not forced, not compromised,

Too young, too drunk, too sick.


KI’s informed agreement,

With knowledge as my guide.

Consent is my decision,

Not stolen ‘cuz you lied.


F-G-K-I-A is how I spell CONSENT!

I’m not a sugar-coated prize,

I’m not entitlement.


Don’t make decisions for me,

My body’s mine to share,

With someone who I chose to be,

Not someone who you scare.


So hear me out,

Don’t fuss or shout,

It’s how it’s got to be.

There’s no mistake,

It’s give, not take,

Respect my boundary.


F-G-K-&-I-A is how I spell CONSENT!

I’m not a sugar-coated prize,

I’m not entitlement.


It’s privilege, getting close to me,

I’m giving you my trust,

Don’t scare me, force or lie to me,  

To satisfy your lust!



F-G-K-&-I-A is how I spell CONSENT!

I’m not a sugar-coated prize,

I’m not entitlement.


Don’t twist my arm, don’t do me harm,

Don’t lie, or shout or scare.

Before we start, you’ll win my heart,

And show me that you care.


Here’s Poem #2


My body’s not a token, not a prize,

Don’t defile me with coercion, force or lies.

My body’s not yours to take, it’s mine to give.

My body’s not your entitlement….it’s where I live,


Don’t think consent’s a privilege, it’s a must!

No matter how intensely you feel lust.

FGKIA, Keep your rape mentality away.

FGKIA, Sign it into law today…

        Freely given, knowledgeable and informed agreement.


Last but not least… Here’s Poem #3


The words “You can” mean “I consent”

You say so with your voice.

But it’s not consent if you’re forced, or tricked,

Or scared into your choice.


Consent means: “Freely given,

When you know the facts and agree.”

So don’t force, or trick, or try to scare,

When you want consent from me!


Defining "consent" is the critical key to conquering sexual assault!

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