Florida- protects their wildlife better than their women!

Using false personation to obtain a seaport security ID can get you a five year stint in Florida State Prison. The Sunshine State’s statutes on fraudulent practices is so huge, it’s divided into four separate parts. Making false statements to merchants, on real estate transactions, and in communications are just a few of the many defrauding … Continue reading Florida- protects their wildlife better than their women!

Steve Humanick Is Back in Court

April 18, 2019- Doylestown, PA- Steve Humanick of Stone Harbor, NJ, faced two accusers yesterday in open court. One victim is currently seeking a restraining order against him to protect herself and her family. The other previously received a settlement in a civil action against him, and testified under oath that Humanick had raped her.

Finding Closure After Exploitation- Lauren’s Story – Part 2

If you missed Lauren’s first installment, you can find it here. This true story demonstrates the value of being able to seek justice….. Finding Closure After Exploitation- Part 2 Several months later, in 2014, he came to visit me in Florida, and I was astounded when he made a plea for $65,000 to help with a … Continue reading Finding Closure After Exploitation- Lauren’s Story – Part 2

Finding Closure After Exploitation- Lauren’s Story- Part 1

  I’m often asked why having the ability to seek justice is so important for victims of sexual fraud. I’ve seen that the pursuit of justice, regardless of the outcome, can bring a sense of closure and empowerment that turns victims into survivors.

Are FL Police Under-Serving a Mentally Challenged Rape Victim?

Florida uses the term “sexual battery” instead of “rape.” And its statutes specifically define that sexual battery takes place when the victim has a mental defect or disease which renders them temporarily or permanently incapable of appraising the nature of his or her conduct.

Oxytocin Wins Scientific Grants for UF!

The neuropeptide, oxytocin, has been linked to many beneficial characteristics and behaviors in both humans and other mammals. Considered the “Love Molecule” by Dr. Paul Zak in his groundbreaking book, The Moral Molecule, How Trust Works, it has become a hot topic, drawing funds for in-depth analysis by scientific researchers. Melissa Brown reported the following for … Continue reading Oxytocin Wins Scientific Grants for UF!

The Voice of Supporters- Stop Sex By Fraud!

Nay-Sayers are not the only voices! We’ve heard all the nay-saying silliness that folks who oppose “Sexual Assault by Fraud” laws come up with. And we’ve seen the ridiculous scenarios that the media creates in order to sensationalize, by stoking the fire of opposition…..

Who would be arrested for #SexFraud?

The media has stirred up a lot of frenzy over Assembly Bill #3908 in NJ, Sexual Assault by Fraud. But the silly scenarios they use to describe the crime, won’t really lead to an arrest for a couple of reasons: Personal Responsibility: In New Jersey, personal responsibility means that victims have to take the measures of a “reasonable … Continue reading Who would be arrested for #SexFraud?

Is Carlos Lamborghini’s con coming to an end? 

You can help! Carlos Lamborghini is NOT the name of the man who scammed Lauren Lazarro of Tampabay/Sarasota FL. We’ve changed it ’til additional victims step forward to bring charges. There’s safety, and validity, in numbers. We know he’s harmed many unsuspecting women who think they have no recourse. This Italian Lothario, con artist has claimed the name of a speedy sports car … Continue reading Is Carlos Lamborghini’s con coming to an end? 


Women can be just as CADdish as Men! Today, I received a CAD Identity post from Canada, from a man who had been defrauded there. It brought home to me, that although we generally see the larger share of romantic frauds, for sex and financial gain, by men against women, there is an extraordinary amount of … Continue reading Gold-Diggers