New York State- Something for Everyone!

New York’s got something for every taste and interest. No matter what your sports or cultural bent… it’s here. There’s the NY Football Giants, the Rangers, the Knicks, the Yankees, the Mets, the Nets…. Heck, we have the biggest tennis venue in the world, the US Open! You can travel around the globe through NY’s … Continue reading New York State- Something for Everyone!

CADs In the News

Find the latest links to articles and other media on Rape by Fraud right here! This page will connect you to cases of rape by fraud that appear world-wide. If you locate one that I miss, please send it along! Your comments are welcome! In the words of the immortal Dr Martin Luther King, “I have a dream!” And it’s … Continue reading CADs In the News

Sofia’s Story- Violent vs. Non-Violent Sexual Assault

Without the recognition of “consent” and its impact in sex, often nay-sayers ridicule survivors who suffered non-violent forms of sexual assault. I received this message today from a brave woman I’ll call Sofia, in order to protect her identity. What follows are her words:  “I’m so grateful to have found your talk on Ted Talks. … Continue reading Sofia’s Story- Violent vs. Non-Violent Sexual Assault

#Weinstein and #Cruciani- Two P’s (for Pecker) in a Pod!

July 30- Today’s court date for Harvey Weinstein has been postponed ’til September 20th. What will happen then?  Superior Court Justice Jame Burke will deliver his decisions on motions that have been filed “off-calendar” by the prosecution and the defense. Those motions could include a decision to admit evidence of “prior bad acts” into testimony. … Continue reading #Weinstein and #Cruciani- Two P’s (for Pecker) in a Pod!

Livestream Today with Lady K

Today at 2 PM, Joyce will be discussing the need for CONSENT laws with Lady K on WHCR-90.3 FM in New York City. 90.3 is the station for the City College (CCNY) of the City University of New York. (CUNY) Here’s the link for the live stream that starts at 2 PM, EST.

Does a rape victim have to expressly say “NO!” Rowan Radio Interview

In her very first question for our radio interview, Kaity Kline, Public Affairs Director for Rowan Radio On Demand, 89.7 WGLS FM, wanted to know; Why is it sexual assault even when the victim doesn’t expressly say “no” – like in the case of accused sexual predator, Harvey Weinstein?  Here’s my explanation. 

Validation at Last! Cosby convicted!

Who’s laughing now!!! For Cosby’s countless victims, and I say “countless” because I’m sure there were far more who didn’t reveal their personal stories for a myriad of reasons, recovery just took a giant step forward!  Defilement makes you feel dirty all the way to the core of your being. Our reproductive organs are a primal … Continue reading Validation at Last! Cosby convicted!

Hear Us ROAR! #WomensMarch2018 #MeToo #TimesUp and #FGKIA!

Amid shouts of “Hey-hey, ho-ho, Donald Trump has gotta go!” and “Trump is not my President, You’re fired White House resident!” throngs of women, men and children wound our way through the streets of midtown Manhattan yesterday. The sea of hopeful faces marched forward in solidarity with hope for renewed political integrity and equality for … Continue reading Hear Us ROAR! #WomensMarch2018 #MeToo #TimesUp and #FGKIA!

What Important Book is NY’s Governor Cuomo Reading?

January 30th. What a day! Zipping through the Taconic Parkway’s twists and turns, on a crisp, sunny, winter morning, was just the exhilarating start! The best was yet to come! I was headed to Albany for double duty- to meet Assembly Member, Rebecca Seawright‘s new Legislative Director, Cheryl Couser, in order to

What do Trump U and Lying to Get Laid have in Common?

  FRAUD! Reported by Ron Blitzer at DailyNewz, Eric Schneiderman, Attorney General of New York State had this to say about Trump University…… “It’s fraud.  This is straight up fraud! It’s like selling people something you say is a Mercedes and it turns out to be a Volkswagen.  And even

Legislators of NY State Introduced to Catfishing!

Catfish (Catphish) Profiles, false personation in e-dating, Facebook, and other internet descriptions, to embroil victims in romance scams, is now part of the permanent record of NY State’s Assembly. On October 21st, I provided testimony to create awareness and, hopefully, plant seeds that will bring about change.

The Voice of Supporters- Stop Sex By Fraud!

Nay-Sayers are not the only voices! We’ve heard all the nay-saying silliness that folks who oppose “Sexual Assault by Fraud” laws come up with. And we’ve seen the ridiculous scenarios that the media creates in order to sensationalize, by stoking the fire of opposition…..

CAD Tale- Suki’s Story

Lack of emotional empathy = shallow, superficial emotions Sociopaths weave beautifully seductive tales. Problem is, they don’t mean it the way you absorb it. When they embrace you and speak endearingly of “forever,” they’re only thinking of the immediate gratification they’ll receive today. They want the adoration and sexual surrender you reserve for those you deeply love, and they … Continue reading CAD Tale- Suki’s Story

Author Bio

JOYCE M. SHORT   Sexual assault is a bi-partisan crime in desperate need of a bi-partisan solution. It can happen to anyone… rich and famous or indigent, Republican or Democrat, vulnerable or sophisticated, male or female, young or old! It happened to me. In fact, I survived three distinct types of sexual assault – all three … Continue reading Author Bio

State Penal Codes

In the US, where rape by fraud happens determines if it’s a crime! As ridiculous as it seems, in one state, it’s a criminal offense, while just down the street, it’s the “puffery” of seduction! A little history As far back as 1865, rape by fraud was recognized as a heinous act in the state of Michigan. In “People v. … Continue reading State Penal Codes

#NOW Is Outraged at the NYPD!” #TakeRapeSeriously!”

FOLLOW-UP Video of today’s demonstration. Click Here! INITIAL POST I just received an important notice from the NYC chapter of NOW. The cause of NOW’s outrage is the statements made by Commanding Officer, Captain Peter Rose when explaining why only 2 out of 13  recent rape cases were solved. He said: “Some of them were Tinder, some of them … Continue reading #NOW Is Outraged at the NYPD!” #TakeRapeSeriously!”

Catcalls Banned in Argentina!

The femicide crisis in South America is staggering…….. According to the BBC- a woman dies from femicide every other day in Columbia, every day in Argentina, 5 per day in Mexico and 15 per day in Brazil. The culture of femicide is so ingrained in the lifestyle that on Wednesday, the City Council in Buenos Aires, Argentina, passed … Continue reading Catcalls Banned in Argentina!