Manafort & Fraud- But still no Rape by Fraud in NYC

Paul Manafort- Convicted Felon

In addition to prior convictions, Paul Manafort will be tried for fraud in New York City. We see clearly that lying to take your money is a crime. But lying to induce sex is not? On what planet?

When an offender lies to secure mortgage money in NY City, all hell breaks loose. But if that same offender lies to get laid, defiling your body and causing you extreme depression, loss of self worth, and trust issues for the rest of your life, that’s no big deal??

Manafort Charged with Fraud

#FGKIA Will #Vance prosecute #RapeByFraud
Manhattan District Attorney, Cyrus Vance Jr.

District Attorney Cyrus Vance went all-in to bring Trump’s long-standing buddy, campaign manager and business colleague, Paul Manafort, to justice. The indictment submitted to the grand jury on March 7th accuses Manafort of Residential Mortgage Fraud, Attempted Residential Mortgage Fraud, Falsifying Business Records, and Scheming to Defraud….. a combination of B, D and E felonies. If found guilty, no federal pardon could prevent him from serving his time.

It’s likely that this case will cost the officers of the Trump organization more than just a few sleepless nights. Ivanka, Don Jr. and Erick are not immune to criminal prosecution like their boss and father, who is covered by POTUS protection. And it’s possible that Trump could be pressured to resign in order to make a case against his children disappear.

CONSENT applies to others, not the TRUMPS! 

Not a single one of Ivanna Trump’s children gave support to her claim of being raped by their father.  She testified under oath that he had forced her into sexual conduct without her consent at a deposition during her divorce. Little wonder that her children, who are likely to have been complicit in undermining “consent” by making false statements and/or filing false documents to secure mortgages through Manafort, flagrantly disregarded the rules of law that make nonconsensual sex a crime.

Undermining consent is far more covert and difficult to detect than putting a gun to someone’s head to coerce them. It’s a sinister and masterful weapon that slips quietly under the radar screen.

Punishment fits the crime in criminal law

The Manafort case should make the concept of criminal “degrees” clear to society. Had he held up bankers at gunpoint to rob them of their money, the level of his crime would be a Class A Felony. By using fraud to steal, he’s charged with a lessor crime. The same should be true in charging sexual assault. Violent cases should yield a harsher sentence than crimes where fraud is the weapon of choice.

NY State’s laws fail to address the sinister, underhanded weapon of fraud in sexual assault

Just as bankers should not be defrauded of their money, no one should be defrauded to induce sex. Why is it that we can recognize stealing by fraud, but not the far more personal harm that victims of sexual assault by fraud suffer?

Although Model Penal Code, created back in 1962, is specific that “consent is ineffective if induced by force, duress or deception,” the only methods of criminally induced sex that NY Penal Code recognizes are force and duress: e. Consent cannot be given when it is the result of any coercion, intimidation, force, or threat of harm. Also, in several NY State statutes on sexual assault, your “words and actions” constitute “consent” with no regard to whether they were the result of your having been deceived.

Paul Manafort will go to jail if he is found to have deceived bankers into giving him money. If he deceived you into sex; however, nothing would happen to him.

In NY, deception applies to fraud in all conduct except sex. This grotesque oversight needs to change! No one has the right to take what you would not freely give when knowledgeable and informed. #FGKIA! Sign it into law today! Call your local legislator. Make a difference!


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  1. Consent is consent is consent. Consent does not change depending on what your consenting to.

  2. I think Donald Trump should be in jail for many crimes including rape and assault. I guess he is exempt. Just like a rapist I know. Seems to get away with it. Someone needs to protect women from these predators.

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