#MeToo- Break your silence! Opportunity knocks!

Alyssa Milano’s #MeToo twitter concept is brilliant! Now lets give it a boost by describing the nightmare you survived! Here are the parameters….

If you were harmed by a sexual predator… please tell your story in the comments section! Let the world understand the pain you’ve suffered and how these dregs of society operate!

If they were charged with a crime, or if a judgement was issued against them, including a judgement for monetary damages in a civil action…. post it, AND their name, loud and clear. If there is no “public record” of their behavior, please post your story but keep their name to yourself. If you ultimately bring action against them, or find out that someone else has succeeded in doing so, come back and tell me. I will display their name and the judgement against them on this site.

We do not have criminal laws across the nation that prevent sexual assault. And we do not have a police force that even cares whether people are victimized. They only recognize sexual assaults that involve violence by a stranger. If you read my post on Commander Rose of the 94th Precinct,

NYPD Captain, Peter Rose
you’ll see those words coming directly out of his mouth. The police do not comprehend how devastating it is to be harmed by someone you trusted like a boss, a family member, your date, etc. They do not get the double-whammy that mauls your psyche when you are defiled by someone you know!

Here’s the thing…. I don’t want anyone charged with defamation. Predators do not want the world to know and will do what they can to silence you. Once a judgement is made, their information is public record and can be disclosed. They cannot prevent the public display of public information.

Until we get real and significant laws to stop sexual predators, you can still seek justice! Many of you needed to secure therapy in order to overcome the harm they committed against you. The cost of that therapy should not come out of YOUR pocket. Others were not only hoodwinked into sex, but also into monetary losses. Use small claims court or pro se court to recover your losses. Once you have that judgement, we can post it here so the world will know.

Don’t let someone who harmed you get away “Scott free.” They will keep on harming more and more victims! Exposure can put the brakes on their behavior!

And if you haven’t done so already, get your copy of “Combating Romance Scams, Why Lying to Get Laid Is a Crime!” and demand that your legislators read it and enact laws that wake up society to what consent really is, “Freely Given, Knowledgeable and Informed Agreement.” Anything less than that, to conduct sex, is rape!

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  1. Ms. Short again thank you for all you do. I sent you two private e-mails. This has been a very emotional year of crises. If not man it was mother nature. Since # Me Too started it is a force that is going to change how men women and children are being treated and give them more safety. We The People are making a difference. Every day so many are coming forward. They are being raw and sharing their experiences of these evil sick people. Famous people are coming forward to make it safe for US who are not known to share and out. The only thing I am uncomfortable about, is people who are using this in a evil way, to lie and say someone did something and They Did Not. This can ruin the wrong person, who did not do anything. As a wrongful smear champagne. I have been watching so many YouTube videos of Ashly Judd Jane Fonda A pretty famous male actor just came out of being sexually assaulted when he was younger. For men to be humble enough and open to be this raw, gives me hope, that this will really end and change more then ever. The next step is ending sexual abuse slaves and other awful things, in other countries. I hope this Video is to your liking. It helped me understand more of the bigger picture here. # me too


      1. The November 11 CNN Town Meeting is working now. It is on YouTube.com to look up too …Power of The Women and People…

      1. Hi Ms.Short. it is so sad, scary and shocking that our government has been secretly taking these sexual harassment statements and shutting down these victims for years. They pay them off with our tax money. It is like the Catholic church having their own laws.They used their money from tiding to cover the cost for these priest sins. It has been said, that these men are turned this way, because they can not have sex. I say NOOOO these are men, who know where they could find a big supply of children to do this to. Where is the accountability?? It was brought up about our past president Bill Clinton and his allegations of sexual assault. I was younger back then.I as many did not understand about these issues. Women where shut down. I do no think he would survived today. Just my thoughts today…Kindness

        1. Healing Victims-

          The tremendous volume of claims we’re seeing is shocking to the mainstream. And what’s even more shocking is how much of society doubts the accounts of what happened. We see clear evidence of victim-blaming with each new allegation. The “Old Boy Network” has fed rape mentality, to the extent that people fail to realize how devastating sexual assaults really are to the victims.

          I sincerely hope that the rash of claims has opened the eyes of doubters, but there are folks who simply lack emotional empathy, don’t get it, and never will.

  2. Hi Joyce,
    I have been battling with overcoming this trauma for almost a year now. I don’t know how I got so involved.
    I met a man at a very volatile time in my life. He is 20 years older than me. At first it was nothing. But he began heavily pursuing me. I adamantly refused because I just wasn’t interested. He wanted to take me on trips and he wouldn’t take no for an answer. I would all of a sudden have emails of flight confirmations. In hindsight I really should have seen these as red flags but I’m a really free spirited type of person and I tend to live spontaneously.

    I spent Thanksgiving with him and his friends after knowing him a month. He then got very serious with me, saying he wanted me to have his children, move into his home, etc. Yet, another red flag but that’s neither here nor there.

    He told me he had been engaged once before to a woman a few years before me, which he left the day of the wedding because she cheated on him. I felt so bad for him. He also told me of many health problems he had. I now know these were all things to gain pity. I remember once when we first met he took me out to meet 2 of his friends, and when we were walking down the street he started sniffling crying talking to one of them saying he may have liver cancer. I thought it was weird but I barely knew him and I never heard about it again.

    Things progressed, we traveled to many countries together all the while me keeping my guard up. Only because that’s the type of woman I am. I’m never easy to get. He kept wooing me. Sending me exuberant gifts, etc. That isn’t the type of thing that gets me so it never truly impressed me. But, I kept hanging out with him. Maybe because I was lonely and sad. I’ve suffered so much trauma in life(like we all have) but mine consists of losing 3 of my family members all at different times, for different reasons, over the course of 10 or so years. I’m a strong woman but also a very sensitive person with scars. This is just a smidgen of background of me. Maybe I’m the type of person he likes to prey on.

    Anyway, I eventually let myself start falling in love with him. Rather, I really did start loving him. He would fly my mom to meet us on vacation and I went with him to all his work events and business trips. It felt so comforting to have someone who I thought loved me too. I was struggling a bit workwise and he told me never to worry about it that he loved me very much. That I needed to know that we were in this together. That him and I were “we” and “us”. That I was the most intelligent woman he’d ever met…yadda yadda. He met all my friends. Text with my mother. The list goes on and on.

    I was living with a bunch of roommates and had voiced to him how I wished someday to have my own place. He then said he wanted to buy an apartment. I have all the email exchanges between me, him and the brokers. (In fact, I have every email and text he ever sent me). We went together and looked at numerous apartments. I even started thinking about these apartments and how a child of ours would fit in. He put an offer in on an apartment. I was ecstatic. But, for one reason or another it fell through. He told me not to get deterred that it was only our first offer. So albeit, I was upset, I understood. So he told me to move out of my apt and get a sublet apt for 3 months. So I did. I put all of my belongings in a storage unit and packed only a few suitcases. He said we were going to put the apartment search on the fast track and we would get a place soon. But 3 months came and went and I had to find another sublet. This continued for 8 months me bouncing month to month in different places. I couldn’t understand why he didn’t just ask me to come stay with him in his place in CT but I knew that I wanted to be in the city and I guess, I was just dumb. I finally started getting very upset things weren’t progressing.

    We returned from a trip to Italy for his birthday where we had a great time until the end. He had a tendency to get very angry and he would have this look in his eye that scared me. (He did this once in Vietnam too when we first met. Man, saying all this outloud I feel like such an idiot not seeing it sooner)… I only saw this look about 6 times for the 2 1/2 years we were together. But it was always scary. Well, in Italy he got a call and I was driving, he was in passenger side seat. He screamed at me. I now know this call was saying his wife’s mother had died.

    When we returned to NYC, he told me he had to go to a funeral in Greenwich. I asked whose it was and he said “an old neighbor”.

    Sorry this is so long winded.

    Well, I was so tired of being alone all the time. He would stay with me only a night or 2 a week but he told me it was bc he had to go home and take his dog out. Made sense to me. Plus, he was a quirky man so I really just chalked it up to that and that he worked a lot. He had a townhouse in Old Greenwich I went to only a handful of times. He told me he didn’t take me there bc he knew I hated CT. We would always be together, mostly on trips, but also he had a house in Southold where we would always spend weekends and such. I didn’t really have a reason to ever think he was married. Especially since he told me of women he had dated and I never really saw any signs of a woman living in his house. Except that it felt very beige and cold and almost like a hotel.

    Anyway, I finally got curious and did a background search and sure enough found out he was married. I first saw the obituary of his “old neighbor” which in fact showed he and his wife’s name as her surviving children. Then I saw both their names on both houses of his, purchased just a few years earlier. Also, the estate of his mother in law left to his wife at his address.

    I confronted him about his wife and he looked like a deer in headlights. Finally, we talked, and he was like a different man. Very mean and dismissive. He told me he and her were over a very long time ago. That they had made money together but there had never been a real relationship to begin with. I asked about the obituary and he said he didn’t know why his name was on it. I stupidly believed this as well. Who was I to judge if he hadn’t told me about his past? I’m really open minded and I never pry in people’s lives because I know we all have our reasons. I just never thought anyone could be this deceitful and evil. But, he over and over told me that he was no longer married.

    This was also a lie. Both his sister in law and sister both confirmed that he was still married and had been for 25 years. That he hadn’t been going to family functions for a long time for whatever reason but he would go on trips with them and they were very much so still a couple. I was destroyed. I knew that the truth was there but I still couldn’t believe it bc he still contacted me and told me how much he loved me and that he was not married.

    Well the duration of this was when I was in sublets which he just decided to forget about subsequently leaving me homeless. I ended up moving in with friends and couch surfing. All of my belongings had been in storage for a year while this man drug me through the runaround of lies and emotional abuse. And I was still attached to him! I thought I was so strong but I couldn’t decipher between what was real or not.

    He would surface and send me letters telling me things were going to be ok and we were in a rough patch. That I needed to believe in him and us. He would go through my phone and scream at me if any texts at all were from men. It was terrible manipulation and I fell for it. Still believing that he wasn’t married. I am so traumatized I still get scared he is going to show up.

    In fact, he has. He found me in Florida and slipped notes under my hotel door and sent me texts saying he was there and to enjoy my time and that we should go grab a round of golf. Such bizarre behavior.

    Then a month later. He somehow called and got airline flight information and hotel information from another trip and sent it to my friends ex-wife. Mind you, this had no effect because the friend I was with his ex-wife knows me.

    Anyway, he also sent letters to my mom with an obituary of my friend’s father highlighting he and his ex-wife’s name. I guess to prove something. It’s just crazy. Because he is 100% still married. I contacted his ex-fiancé whom he left the day of the wedding and told her. It was awful. She said it made sense because the relationship he and I had mimicked the 2 of theirs. Except, I found out his double life before he had the chance to drag me down that road.

    I also found out he was engaged to another woman years earlier whom he left the day of the wedding as well and she unfortunately killed herself.

    I’m just so appalled and I feel like I need to stand up for myself and these woman. He shouldn’t be allowed to ruin peoples lives like this. I WOULD NEVER, EVER EVER have slept with him nor gotten into such a very serious relationship with him if I had known he was married. I was ready to settle down and have kids. He knew this but he continued to lead me on, wasting really prime years of my life. I feel disgusted and dirty and shamed. He hurt me and my mother whom have already been through enough. She almost died last year and he flew down to NC and sat with me in the ICU while I watched her on a ventilator. The amount of deceit he portrayed is evil.

    I’ve looked for lawyers in NYC that would take my case for rape by fraud or for anything at all. I feel emotional distress is absolutely apparent. How can one press charges for emotional abuse? It’s just as bad as physical. I’m going to have to deal with this anguish forever. I already had enough time trusting people. I had told him of very difficult things I’d endured in life. One being that I was raped when I was 12 and had a hard time trusting men. He told me he would find that man and he would never hurt me like that.This man abused me and others with fraudulent scams. But I just don’t know what steps to take.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. I feel like such a moron but I’m also trying to remain positive. During the time I was finding all this out I was severely depressed (still am) but I thought often of killing myself. I never would bc I love my mother too much but it’s just crazy the amount of pain I still carry.

    Now he has taken to social media to say that I demanded an apartment and money from him and when he said no I got angry and that that made me a prostitute for demanding that. I NEVER did that:( I think he just thinks of me as this damaged poor, little girl that can’t touch him.

    I do hope this ramble wasn’t too long and that I hear from you. I would really like some advice:(


    1. Jessica-

      I hear your pain…big time!

      Your guy gets off on damaging women. He sees you as entertainment, not as a human being. Tragically, there are all too many predators like him in the world! And it’s time we put an end to it!

      I know the damaging and depressing impacts you have felt from my own experience. One of the recommendations I have for you is to try to stop blaming yourself for being a trusting person.

      You’ve survived a devastating ordeal, and it’s very difficult to step back from anguish when you’re feeling overwhelmed by it. Here are a couple of suggestions to help you regain your power:

      1. Get exercise. Even if it’s just turning on your radio and dancing to the music…. move your body. Get your endorphins pumping. It will give you the strength you’ll need to feel good about yourself.

      2. Get to a therapist…. one who understands the mentality of psychopaths and works with rape patients. This creep sexually abused you by undermining your consent. The defilement you feel is causing you depression. Get help!

      3. Go to the police. File a sexual assault case against him. I believe you’re in NY and I will go with you if you are. No matter what they say, you will feel better by seeking justice. If the police don’t take your case, file a civil case against him and charge him with the cost of repairing the mental anguish he’s caused you.

      If you’d like to speak about pursuing justice, you can reach me by email at StopRomanceScams@yahoo.com.

      1. Thank you Joyce.

        I’ve thought about going to the police but I feel I would just be viewed as a bitter ex or some kind of home wrecker. I’m scared of what would happen. I keep telling myself I’m not scared of him but truth is, I am. Not at this present moment but if he ever found out I was trying to seek justice I think he would try to harm me. I know it’s the right thing to do; to stand up for myself and these other women, but I am terrified.
        I go back and forth each day still questioning what is real even though I know the truth. But I go over and over in my head what he told me versus what I found out. It consumes a lot of my time but I try to keep it at bay.
        I do exercise, a lot! Yoga all the time. I’ve also gone to therapists, to no avail though. I just can’t find one that I feel comfortable with (if you can ever feel comfortable talking about this).

        I just don’t know what to do.

          1. I don’t think he would. But, I’m scared if I do try and take any action towards him he will come after me in different ways. He tries to smear things and turn them so I’m not sure. I spoke with his former fiancé and she said he threatened her that he would go to her job and tell her employer things about her.

            1. Jessica-

              Regaining your power can only happen when you take your power back. That can mean standing up for yourself even though you’re afraid.

              He’s obviously a crummy person who harmed you. In fact, he’s harmed you so much that you’ve sought therapy in order to recover. He’s caused you extreme emotional distress.

              I received a note recently from a woman who secured a judgement over her losses from a man named Riccardo Ferrari. I can give you that name because a judgement was issued against him ordering him to pay restitution. If you had a judgment against your guy, I’d be happy to let the world know.

              As a result of her efforts in court, she feels empowered and much better able to have peace and go on with her life.

              The people who are important to you and care about you won’t care what that man says. Why care what people who don’t care about you think?

              You can bring a case against him in small claims court and publish the results of the findings. It becomes public knowledge. You can bring a case against him in pro se court where the limit of restitution is higher, and you can represent yourself in doing so. It’s not easy, but it’s not easy living with your loss either.

              If the man has assets, owns a home, etc., you may be able to get an attorney to take your case.

              1. I do want to take some kind of action. I am struggling with overcoming this as I just can’t wrap my head around what happened to me. Others see the damage but I just can’t comprehend.
                Should I press charges? Or just go to court?
                He has assets but I really don’t care about that, I’m much more for him getting exposed and reprimanded for the harm he has caused.
                To put this in physical terms, what he has done to my mind is the equivalent of attempted murder.

                1. It’s a “soul murder.”

                  It’s unlikely you’ll get the prosecutor to press charges, but you never know

                  A civil action will give you the ability to expose him. Commenting about his behavior without a judgement in-hand puts you in the position of being sued for defamation. When yo have a judgement against him, you can publish that the judgement was issued, unless you reach a settlement with a gag order.

  3. #METOO

    I let John Wilson and his son Chez move in to my apartment around Feb. 2005. He never paid for anything. He told me he had just gotten custody of his son (8 yrs. old). He didn’t want me to ask him about his mom because he said it would upset him but in actuality John Wilson had his son since he was 3 yrs. Old.

    I did everything for his son to try and take away his pain. I took him to summer camp everyday before I went to work and paid for the tuition.  Around June 15th, 2005, he asked me to marry him and a week later he asked to borrow $20,000.00 for his gym, Delco Brazillian Jui-Jitsu.  I asked him if he wanted to marry me because he wanted to borrow this money. He acted like I insulted him and said the gym is for both of us. The money was from the inheritance my dad had just left me (over $63,000.00) and I was going to put it back in the bank when John Wilson gave it back to me but he hasn’t repaid me yet even though down at the police station he told them it was $10,000.00 and he didn’t remember whether he paid me back in cash or with a check. The police never made him verify this. He told his lawyer that it was a gift. 

    In March 2006, we got a house together and I paid for a $2,4555.00 upgrade, $10,000.00 down payment, $9,000.00 closing cost and every house payment. We both were going to pay and I didn’t know) that it came out of my bank account.

    John Wilson told me when he sold his house 3172 Bethel Rd. Feltonville, Pa. he would put it towards our house but I didn’t know the house was in him and his ex-wife’s name. I found out later that he wrote a check for their mortgage from my bank account and forged my name. He stole the mail and all my concentration was taking care of his son because I never had kids and loved them. He knew this.

    When we moved into the house about a week later this woman called Heike Cxxxxx and her friend said they both were going out with John. He pulled the phone and said this woman was stalking him. This woman left a note on my doorstep the next day and it said how much she cared about him and he is on Match.com. It was on my computer but I didn’t how to look up this info at the time. I found out later he was corresponding with a lot of woman and probably used my red Firebird that I allowed him to use, and thought it was for work, for picking them up and going over Heike Cxxxxx’s house with his son. I drove up to the gym with John Wilson’s son and gave him a letter and wanted to know what was going on, and he said the same thing….. she is stalking him.

    When I left, he called me and told me Heike was following me and his son acted like he was scared but in actuality I found out later he was going over her house with his dad. The next day I filled out a police report and told them Heike was following me. So about a month later John Wilson came home and said why don’t you get a couple of credit cards just in case you need them. I didn’t understand why I got 2 credit cards because I already had about ten of them and thank God John Wilson didn’t know this because I would have been in more debt than I am in now. I never carried a balance on any of my cards.

    I found out later he fraudulently used over $18,000.00 worth of credit cards behind my back because he would steal the mail. One day John Wilson was supposedly going to work and Heike was following him. His son got a bat and acted like he was scared of her. John Wilson told me to call the police. The cops called John Wilson up and told him to go to the courthouse and get a Order Of Protection. He acted like he was going to do this but in actuality he was going to Heike’s instead of work. I was always living in fear that Heike would hurt me.

    This one day I found this black book hidden under his clothes. I opened it and found a lot of names and found a star above my name. I was panicking and didn’t know what to do. I was confused and asked him about this and he said it was something he should have thrown away. I believe now this was all his victims in this book. In Sept. I came back from the shore confronting my girlfriend about everything that was going on and it seemed weird he wouldn’t bring his checks home. He said he kept them at the gym. She told me to check things out. I came home and told him I was going to Acme and I needed my keys for my Firebird because I was low on gas. I felt under the seat and there were rubbers and a lot of dirty magazines.

    I froze and didn’t look at all the paperwork he had in my car. It was my car and he must have had me so controlled. I have never been through anything like this before. I’m not a confrontational person but I asked him what is this for. He said I shouldn’t have let you take the car (even though it was mine) and said stay out of my shit and pushed me down. I was stunned, no one ever raised their voice at me and never ever put a hand on me before. I have never been so petrified in my life.

    I was on the phone with my niece and John Wilson came out and I saw his son’s face and I couldn’t call the cops because it looked like he had been through this before. After a week he came home and tried to explain it away. I was trying to figure things out but couldn’t imagine what danger I was in. I made stir fry that night and fed it to his son then went upstairs to eat with John Wilson and there was glass in my food. He said I probably broke the sauce jar but his son’s food didn’t have any in it. The next day John Wilson had big pieces of broken glass on the side of his plate. Somehow it just didn’t register in my brain what was going on. Later on I found beer bottles underneath the sink. A couple days after that I had a drink and when I got up in the morning everything was spinning and I felt really sick.

    John Wilson went to work. I had to crawl to the bathroom and I was so sick I called him home. I don’t know what he put in my system but I was still dizzy thereafter. I told the police later what happened but they wouldn’t let me document it because they said why didn’t I bring the glass right down. In my wildest dreams I could never imagine that someone could ever try to hurt me like this.

    On Nov. 9 2007  Heike friend said she knows about me but I don’t know about her. I called Heike and met her at John Wilson’s gym. When I pulled up Heike and John Wilson were standing outside and all I said I was with you. I saw 3 cops outside and told them I just found out this man conned me out of money, not knowing at the time the extent of the devastation he put me through. I asked them to get my car keys from John Wilson for my Firebird. They went inside and when they came out the cops told me to stand there and be quiet while they held their hand in front of me and allowed him to take everything out of my car. I was stunned that this was my property and after I had just told them about him conning me out of money.

    Heike’s son who was 16 yrs old said that John Wilson needed a court order to do this. I found out later that the cops allowed John Wilson to steal my computer and I couldn’t do a thing about it even though I still have my receipt. The cops knew him because of him being a Jiu-Jitsu instructor. I talked to the police chief and the Mayor and nothing has been done yet. I showed the police all the checks he forged even signing his own name, fraudulently using my credit cards and they had the reports down the police station that Heike was supposedly stalking him but in this together. He even locked me out of my house and one neighbor that knew his son asked him where I was and his son said we had a fight and I moved out, which was a complete lie. He told her Heike was moving in with her children. The woman that was stalking him and my name was on the mortgage and I paid for everything. They had to know they both were in this together. They had these police reports.

    Heike’s mail came to my address. It was a house she was buying. I showed the cops this and they said it was none of my business. This woman that was supposedly stalking John and they could clearly see I was a crime victim by these 2 expert con artists. John Wilson only paid 2 house payments. One bounced and when he locked me out of my house and scared me away, he paid over $5,000.00 for a house payment. He finally left when I showed them my forged checks and credit card fraud but they only used the forged mortgage check and still I don’t understand why. He wouldn’t sign for me to sell the house because he didn’t care about his credit because it was already bad. He just wanted to destroy my 800 credit. So for a year I called Indymac mortgage to try to get his name off the mortgage so I could either get someone in it to help me with it or sell it. It went into foreclosure and I didn’t know because he stole my mail.

    He had taken all my money and left me in debt so I couldn’t get a lawyer but my sister knew a lawyer who gave me some free advice over the phone. He told me to go to court to force him to sign it. Of course he didn’t show up and the judge gave me the legal right to sign his name so I sold it for a short sale. I should have never lost my dream house. I went to court for the other legal issues of trying to get the money back that he conned out of me. Heike and John Wilson had a lawyer and of course I had nothing so I had a court appointed attorney. John Wilson didn’t show up the first time and the judge didn’t penalize him, he just made me come back another day. 

    My friends and I were stunned when the judge didn’t allow anyone to talk and dropped the charges saying this was a civil case. I found out the reason was John Wilson only used 4 checks that he said I made out to cash for a little over $1,000.00 and my devastation was well over, I would say at least $80,000.00 or more. The 4 checks he used that day took me over 5 ½ yrs but I matched them to his bank book receipts I have. They could clearly see it is his signature not mine. The assistant prosecutor Diana Reed Rolondo was helping in the beginning but she said she did all she could and couldn’t bring charges and when she sent me all the paperwork back I couldn’t believe that the police reports said I allowed him to use my checks and credit cards. I was so out of it at the time of all this devastation that I should have had someone go with me and read every one of those reports because they were lies. It’s funny though I told Dina Reed Rolondo that I never allowed him to do any of this. She told me to get on with my life but I didn’t have a life, I lost my house, my car, my job because of being late taking his son to school, my 401k, all my inheritance that my dad left me. He even destroyed my credit.

    I have a lot of info about my situation on the internet and have been saving victims and would-be victims.

    I fought this without a lawyer and every step of the way they tried to stop me from at least getting this. It was such a nightmare going back and forth filing so many papers. He never showed up and the judgement should have been at least $80,000.00. The judge, Jean McMasters from Gloucester County Courthouse, said my tears aren’t going to make her feel sorry for me. I was scared because I was by myself and have always been on the good side of the law. I didn’t really know how to deal with a courtroom.

    Wilson, John Henry
    12/02/1966 SSN:
    CUFF ID:
    1315 Ht/Wt:
    New Jersey; Pennsylvania
    Civil Judgment

    Civil Judgment for $22,448.18

    1. Joyce was I supposed to tweet this on #metoo because I’m not sure how you do that even though I do have a twitter account.

    2. Marie-

      What a harrowing tale! I’m glad you were able to secure a judgement against him and hope you’re on the mend!. Thanks for sharing your story


      1. Thank you Joyce! The only way I will heal is doing what the law should have done and help the victims that call me. Also getting this monster and his cohort off the street, forever.

    1. Nina-

      Thanks for sharing your enlightening story!

      Your struggle is so typical of rape by fraud victims! Misuse of military involvement as well as medical employment builds instantaneous trust. Many of these offenders are sex addicts, and your guy sure sounds like one!

      Massachusetts has a bill before the state senate that will establish rape by fraud when a doctor lies to induce sex. The problem with the current bill is that it simply does not go far enough. There is no reason why a person who is lied to by a doctor is any more or less harmed than a person who is lied to by a lawyer, a baker or an electrician. Rape by fraud is rape by fraud, no matter what the profession of the rapist!

      You truly survived a defiling ordeal! I wish you strength and a full recovery!


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