Victim or villain? Transgender Deceit!

Sexual defilement shakes a person at their very core! It can drive a person to commit suicide or murder!

I was contacted this week by the mother of a man who killed a transgender woman. I’m not being specific because this case and efforts to mitigate her son’s sentence are in the works. I would not want anything coming out of my mouth or from my pen to do any harm to this case.

Because many transgenders think their sex shouldn’t matter in sex…….. (please explain that absurdity to me!!) society seems to be lining up behind the transgender population on whether or not they are obligated to tell the truth to people they engage in sex with.

  • No one has the right to assume what information is or is not important to a person they have sex with!
  • No one has the right to feel that their personal interests are more valuable or credible than the interests of the other person!
  • No one gets to thwart the interests of the other person in order to have sex with them!

Certainly, the sex of the person one has sex with is of paramount importance to many. Although a transgendered person would like to see themselves as the sex their surgically or medically revised body resembles, it’s a total ruse!

For them to think they somehow magically became a woman or a man by will and plastic surgery, is a scam, and one that’s being played on them by the medical profession! Only your DNA makes you a woman or a man. Until medical science can somehow change your DNA, you are the sex you were born with, no matter what you look like!

The straight community, for the most part, does not object to a transgendered person changing their appearance or living as a different sex. But when that transgendered person crosses into the sexual life of a straight person, they must respect that they are not who they appear to be. They have no right to fool that person into sexual contact, not for a quickie, not for a one night stand, not for a romantic tryst, and not for a permanent relationship.

“Transphobia” is not a tag that can relate to a straight person who simply does not want to engage in sex with someone who is transgendered. Just as the transgendered person has a right to their sexual preferences, so does the person who is not.

No matter whether we’re straight, gay or trans, we all get rejected by people we’re interested in. We don’t get to fool them into having sex with us! No one has to have sex with us because we want them to. THEY have to want to! Sex is a PRIVILEGE, not an ENTITLEMENT! They have to CONSENT. And consent is not simply agreement, it’s FREELY GIVEN, KNOWLEDGEABLE AND INFORMED AGREEMENT!

Concealing your sex behind a medically fashioned mask is not okay. In fact, it’s a hideous form of rape!

Often, to people who are straight, the thought of having sex with someone of the same sex is repulsive. Being tricked into doing so makes them feel filthy and defiled. Our justice system needs to catch up with the times and recognize that modern medicine has created a circumstance that must be dealt with.  We need laws to protect society from being raped by deception by people who turn the evolution of modern medicine into the right to defile unknowing victims.

6 thoughts on “Victim or villain? Transgender Deceit!”

  1. Thank you Joyce for your wisdom. This deadly game of deception has cost many their freedom and lives. We must remain vigilant in our efforts to move legislative changes. Lives will continue to be lost without accountability.

    1. Legislative change takes enlightenment. Even the legislators who enact laws need knowledge and awareness. And they need to know it’s importnt to their constituents….. otherwise known as VOTERS!

      If folks send them a copy of “Combating Romance Scams” and a heartfelt letter telling them you’re a constituent, it happened to you, and you want to get the law passed to put an end to this crime, you’ll see change take place!

  2. Yes – Joyce, though the transgender struggle/resolution is complicated, highly individual and inspires empathy and just recognition – it is also meaningful to assert (as you do) that ALL relationships should be conceived in honesty, consent and mutual agreement. Considering the full range of your community outreach and dedication to those in need – your recognition of inter-personal deceit when it occurs, in it’s many guises and ways of being – is a noble endeavor.

  3. Joyce you are a wonderful person and a great help to the community. I’m really happy and lucky to have you as a friend. God Bless you and your amazing intelligence!!!

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