Not Just Another Sexual Assault Statistic!

This heartfelt letter was sent to me from a woman who’d like to remain anonymous. She correctly refers to herself as “Not Just Another Statistic!” 

“I was triggered reading an article and I’m pretty numb.

I don’t know…. all this time I wanted to make myself feel in the wrong, nasty, disgusting because of what happened. And then I watched the Netflix movie, Trust, and found the article about your book.

It happens to more people than I’d known. Some states even have laws against it! I didn’t know rape by fraud even existed…… after three and a half years of self blame and hatred for all that I was, and then I saw it…. my own state, Florida, does not have a law against it. It doesn’t even refer to it as “sexual battery”.... not even “sexual assault!”

The feeling of my “home” downplaying the actual event that turned my life around, and threw me into a downward spiral……. I can’t explain how torn I am.

I really want to team up with a group and try to pass a law in Congress. I know it’s the farthest shot out there, but I know there are females and males out there who have been the victim like I have. And to even have just one state change their laws to include rape by fraud and have it stated as SEXUAL ASSAULT, would be extremely satisfying and worth the effort!”

So why the photo on manatees?

In Florida, fabricating information on the aplication for a Wildlife Card gets you locked up, but fabricating information to undermine a person’s self determination over their reproductive organs is NO BIGGIE?? Florida protects its manatees with deeper concern and integrity that protecting the sexual integrity of its human beings! It’s shameful!

What can you do about it?

If you’re the victim of the heinous crime of rape by fraud, please:



10 thoughts on “Not Just Another Sexual Assault Statistic!”

    1. Absolutely! And I hope people will tell their stories in their comments! Our #MeToo post will enable everyone with a judgement against a romance scam offender, to post the information. All victims can post but their offender’s name will have to be anonymous unless they have a judgement.

      1. Great article Joyce.Helpful too. Learning more and more. PLEASE -PLEASE get back to me about my Romance Scam situation. Long time no reply after providing valuable information and classified information. Thanks. Ann

        1. Ann-

          If you recall, I put you in touch with a reporter at the Kansas City Star. I cc’d you on the email I sent to him in the hopes that he’d publish your story. Did you ever follow up with him?

          If you haven’t done so already, you can write your story on the #MeToo post I created today, here on this blog. Just put #MeToo in the keyword search and it will take you directly to the right page.

          You’d mentioned that someone involved in the scam may or may not be here in NY. Do you have any idea where he may be living, his name, or what his involvement actually was?

          Best regards,

          1. Joyce, Thank you for your quick response. NO, I haven’t gotten a call, email, etc. from the KC Star Newspaper. No, I haven’t heard anymore from the police chief in Rock Port, MO about the Sandeesee-(if spelled correctly) person that he stated was going to or/ and from NYC. The otehr possible links (as you rec3ived too-Whitney Bank in New Orleans, LA eitehr name and contact information-nothing from NO ONE.

  1. Yes, I too am a victim of “rape by fraud.” Began through a dating I reported the Romance Scammer to the dating site), long romantic inquirying month long emails then (no internet services-supposedly) telephone calls and text messages. In these calls and messages were short “I love you” messages followed by on-going request (many-many months of asking for money-lots if it too.) Yes, his profile is still on the dating site and Facebook-(picture and supposedly owner of a company. YES-I WOULD LOVE TO BECOME A PART OF THIS GROUP. I AM FROM LIBERTY, MO. YES, I have shared with Joyce. Yes, there us another woman from KC, MO. Joyce is familiar with her too. Yes, reported to FBI and filled out Form:

      1. Joyce, thank you for the comment. Please let me know when you think I might hear from the Kansas City TV Station person. Also, on the RomanceScamRomanceScams I left you an email as I have before. Important. Need to give you info.

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