#Passengers Linked to Rape By Fraud!

ChrisJaramillo ties #Passengers with #rapeByFruad

Sometimes , when I’m banging away at my keyboard, I wonder if anyone will actually pay attention to what I’m saying. But little, by little, I’m happy to hear when I’ve gotten the point across!

Just got this yesterday from Chris Jaramillo, a movie critic, who wrote a review for the movie Passengers for After Lobby, and likened the plot to a case of rape by fraud.

hey thanks, I reviewed your posts for States that have these laws on the books, super helpful for the review! 6:50 PM – 22 Dec 2016

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4 thoughts on “#Passengers Linked to Rape By Fraud!”

  1. You have never addressed my type of Abuse. I’m a women who is “spiritually born again” since 1984. I was committed to abstaining from sex till marriage. I was successful over 10 yrs., until I lost the love of my life. I met a snow bird from Duluth, MN.. I told her that my who I was, about my faith. He was a widower after 40yrs..
    We dated when he was in town, then were engaged. Regretfully I trusted him and we were intimate a few times. He had ED. I lost my condo in 2012. My daughter & I moved in w/him. He was hiding alcohol addition. He backed out of the marriage. Never said why. I cleaned his house, washed his clothes,bought groceries AND WAISTED 5+yrs. of my life. But what angers me the most was THAT HE TOOK MY BODY THROUGH A LIE. There is no longer a legal or financial consequence in modern society for breaking a engagement for marriage, but I feel used. I blame myself for not waiting till we were married BUT HE DECEIVED ME.

    1. Erika- I’m sure you feel that he used false pretense in order to secure your highest emotion, which is love. Doing so is “emotional rape.” It cuts deeply at your core beliefs and can be overwhelming.

      Unfortunately we have no way of knowing whether he actually intended to follow-through on the commitment he made to marry you. If he, indeed, was married at the time he made that commitment, it would be obvious that he had neither the intention nor the ability to follow through. But without a current spouse, he could simply protest that he changed his mind. That type of case would be difficult to prove in a court of law, but it’s no wonder you feel violated by this man.

      I hope distance enables you to pick up the pieces of your life and get back on track. He is self-absorbed to a level that makes you lucky you are not permanently attached to him, even though I’m sure you are suffering from your loss.

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