Don’t Lie to Get Laid! Happy Truth in Romance Day!

#TruthInRomance Day is even more important than #ValentinesDay!

Why celebrate Truth in Romance Day? 

Mankind’s most basic function is procreation. And the attraction that stimulates our romantic brain chemistry in order for us to mate can begin with the slightest interaction between two people. Our perceptions and impressions of a person can be shaped by fact or fiction, but it all feels the same in the mind of the believer. We’re built to bond and fall in love.

By stimulating the power of your internal mating glue, dopamine, serotonin, vasopressin, oxytocin, etc., emotional predators can rob you of sex or assets, and manipulate you into all sorts of behaviors. And it isn’t because you’re stupid or gullible…… It’s because you’re human and caring.  Anyone with normal emotions can be duped by a romance scammer.

The internet gives ready-access to people who are up to no good!

Anonymity, the ability to be unknown, makes dating on the internet a mine-field. You have no idea whether you are encountering someone who pretends to be someone or something they’re not. But the use of e-dating sites has become common-place as a means of access. Without conducting extreme caution and due diligence, a trusting person could be painfully and ruthlessly abused.

Check ID! 

No matter who you think you’re meeting or how attracted you feel, learning their true identity is your first step toward protecting yourself. If everyone asked for ID when they met an on-line date, a considerable amount of on-line scamming would stop!

Truth in Romance Day establishes a reality check for romantic partners

If you’ve yet to see their ID, but are already romantically linked to them, check it today! Don’t take “No” for an answer. “No” means that they have something to hide.

Not every scam will be uncovered by checking ID. But a significant number of them will be. Help establish the importance of checking ID, and protecting the public from romance scams, by participating  in Truth in Romance Day today!

Help launch Truth in Romance Day around the World!

Here’s a simple resolution you can take to your state legislators to declare every June 15th Truth in Romance Day in each state. Please note the legislators you approach in the “comments” section and let us know the progress you’ve made on this important issue!

Establishing June 15th as Truth in Romance Day

  1. The defilement of romance scams has grown to epidemic proportions  on the internet and other sources.
  2. Owners of e-dating sites report that over 50% of their profile’s contain lies.
  3. Romance scam victims are preyed on to commit sexual assault, asset theft, immigration fraud and other crimes.
  4. Using “false personation” and “false pretenses” in romance creates painful and lasting impacts on both the victims and their families.
Be it resolved:
  1. That The State of ________________ recognizes and supports that all romantic partners be truthful in their pursuit of relationships throughout the state.
  2. That the State of _________________ declares June 15th “Truth in Romance Day” to recognize the importance of honesty in romantic relationships.

Start the conversation!

Here’s a simple way to get the dialogue started in your area….. Print one of the little Truth in Romance Day figures and pin it to your shirt today.  Let people know the serious effects of romance scams and how common they are. Set the record straight…. Anyone can be harmed by a romance scam!