Truth in Romance Day Is Coming!


#TruthInRomance Day is even more important than #ValentinesDay!


Celebrate Truth in Romance Day on June 15th!

Are you newly involved with a romantic partner?

Do you hope they’ve been up-front about their character and identity?

Do you know the likelihood that they’re conning you?

The host of an elite on-line dating site, recently confided that he suspects 53% of his dating profiles contain lies. And that’s an upscale, paid-for service. Just imagine how many catfish scammers hook unwary victims on Plenty of Fish, and other free dating sites!

Don’t get Snagged!

Always check the ID of the person you meet on-line. And don’t accept righteous indignation as proof of their honesty! A person who truly cares about you will want you to feel safe!

Make ID Checks a Common Practice!

When all e-daters require ID checks, the amount of false data on the internet will shrink! No more false names, or age, height, and location lies! No more “I’m single,” when you can drive by their home and see their wife trimming the roses and the kids’ bikes on the front lawn.

Does checking ID really help? 

#KenVayo or #KenMatthewsStill at large despite multiple warrants, Ken Matthews was really Kenneth J. Vayo, a convicted felon with tons of bad press on the internet . He currently evades capture for Grand Larceny, Check Fraud and Credit Card Fraud. His catfished victim met him through Plenty of Fish. If you have news of the whereabouts of this slippery eel, please contact Deputy Duvall at the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office: 904-630-0500.

Tom Gatto was really Tom Guida. Not only was his name fictitious, so were his credentials. His degree from NYU was forged. His military record was a total fake. At least by checking his ID, his victims would have realized he was lying about his name. If you know a person’s actual name, you have a far greater chance of getting the facts!

Haissam Fostok’s business presence on the internet was a total hoax. Had his victim seen his address, she could have discovered he was a married man with several children, before she lost over $200,000 in an elaborate con game.

Liam Allen was really William Allen Jordan, a notorious con man, bigamist and pedophile. His fiance did not learn of his true identity until a year and a half into their relationship. She was pregnant with his child when she caught-on to his scam.

The list goes on and on and on!

Tomorrow: A tip on Catching a Catfish in the Act! 




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