Consistency- Why Catfish Laws are a MUST!

Woman at Police

I’m protecting her name……

“That bastard raped me!” she cried to the young policeman with the blank expression who had attended school with her kids in the small New Jersey tourist town where she lived. He passed her on to a male detective she’d known all her life. “Record his confession on your phone and we’ll go after him,” he mocked.

She looked at him bewildered, “Don’t you get it? Why would I ever want to be within 500 miles of him again? What in God’s name are you asking me to do?”

She’s currently struggling to recover but the wheels of justice in the overloaded civil court system are very slow to turn.  Every day that passes with no closure or validation drills her sense of defilement deeper and deeper into her soul.

#WillJordan #WilliamAllenJordan and #WilliamJordan are all the same person
William Allen Jordan

But up the road in Burlington Township, another Catfished victim reported her crime incident. The police officer assigned to her was a woman. And the victim took two authors with sizable blog followings to her meeting at the precinct. It worked. I know because I was one of the authors that went along. And despite that the Prosecutor did not want the case because the victim was planning a book of her own, the accused, William Allen Jordan, was arrested two days later.

Haissam Fostok arrested for Catfish heist, March 23, 2016 in Passaic NJ
Haissam Fostok arrested for Catfish heist, March 23, 2016 in Passaic NJ

Jordan had bilked the victim of $4,383 and was sentenced to 3 years in prison. But further North, in Essex County, a victim whose losses included sexual assault by fraud and over $300,000 in assets was ignored by the police. She brought a civil action against the heel, Haissam Fostok, who signed an agreement to restore a small portion and defaulted on making any payments. Fortunately for her, the lies Fostok told included tall tales about investments he’d make on her behalf. The White Collar Crimes Division in her district  stepped in and arrested him for theft by fraud.

Are #TomGuida #TomGatto #AngusMcIntyre #WillaimAllenJordan #WillJordan #RiccardoFerrari and #StevenHumanick #EmotionalPredators?Elsewhere in New Jersey, Tom Guida (aka Tom Gatto) was charged with Bigamy. His case was dismissed because the statute of limitations had run out. But he’d allegedly conned 9 known victims  into sexual relationships, and others who donated money to help with his terminal cancer. He claimed to be a Pshychologist and a Marine. Although his degree, a forgery, stated that he’d graduated from NYU, he’d neither attended college nor served a single day in the military. Oh, by the way, he’d never had the life threatening cancer that was “killing” him either. This deceitful catfish has not been charged with a single crime!

steve-humanick-2And lest I forget…. Steve Humanick of Avalon NJ is now being sued in NJ civil court over the emotional distress he caused a victim he allegedly raped. Turns out there were already two restraining orders issued against him and he recently spent the night in jail over a ruckus with a girlfriend. The police have yet to charge him with a crime. BTW- isn’t impersonating an officer a crime in NJ?

Do you see a pattern here?

Nope, neither do I, unless you call gross inconsistency by the authorities a “pattern.”  Seeking justice is a total crap shoot!

Think New Jersey is the only state where this craziness takes place?

Are #StevenHumanick #RiccardoFerrari #WillaimAllenJordan and #SteveGuido #SteveGatto #SexualPredators?
Riccardo Ferrari

Riccardo Ferrari, an aging lothario with a flashy web presence, is being sued in FL.  His victim met him through a dating site and fell head-over heels. She’d lost $16K before she figured him out, just in time to protect the additional $65K he went after. The Sheriff’s office in her county told her “Lessons learned!” and “Don’t come back!”

Kenneth Vayo, aka, Ken Matthews
Kenneth Vayo, aka, Ken Matthews

Meanwhile the Sheriff in Jacksonville, issued a  warrant for the arrest of Kenneth J. Vayo for the catfish crime he’s accused of  where his victim lost $20,000 as a result of meeting him on “Plenty of Fish.” “The police have been absolutely wonderful,” she reports. “They’ve gone above and beyond to get an arrest warrant.”

Vayo, with a long list of prior’s, used the name Ken Matthews to cover up his background. This slippery catfish has alluded arrest even though warrants were issued for various charges including check fraud, credit card fraud and grand theft. Anyone with information about this man’s whereabouts should contact the Jacksonville Sheriff’s office at 904-630-0500.

So maybe it’s different in other countries?

Robert Lambert
Robert Lambert

In London, Robert Lambert receives critical acclaim as a professor of criminology. But the London Metro forked over 450,000 Pounds Sterling to the victim he’d defrauded of sex and created a child with.

Gayle Newland- SentencingGayle Newland was arrested and convicted for defrauding a woman into sex by pretending to be a man. She was sentenced to 8 years behind bars.

Meanwhile, the victim of a BBC producer who traveled the world on press credentials, catfishing victims for romance that involved trysts in London, Asia and the US, goes untouched by the authorities despite pleas to the London police as well as the police in Scotland.

Catfishing happens around the globe!

Anywhere there are computers and web-sites, there are people who misuse their victim’s autonomy over their body by scamming them to defile them. Catfish profiling has become a crime wave, and only enacting appropriate laws will stop it. (Read the proposed Catfish Law in Combating Romance Scams, Why Lying to Get Laid Is a Crime! )

The internet is new. And the laws that regulate people’s behavior on the internet must be established with consistency all around the world!

Housewives of New Jersey, Fraud, Drivers License Fraud, Self Help for Abuse
Joe Giudice convicted of crimes in New Jersey

If Joe Guidice can be convicted and thrown in jail for “false personation to secure a driver’s license,” why the heck can’t our laws reflect that false personation is no way to secure access to a victim’s reproductive organs?









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  1. Someone- Considering that there is a current law suit pending against Steve Humanick in Southern New Jersey, I’m going to allow this post to stand. I’ll follow this case and report to the readers of this blog what the findings and determinations are. Thanks for the information.

    1. The civil case against Steve Humanick has been mediated and settled after evidence and discovery was presented. It was settled prior to trial for a confidential amount. You can obtain more info on as the records are public knowledge.

      1. Thanks very much for that information! The allegations against this man were horrific! The fact that he settled indicates that the case had merit. If you’d like to send me the link to pacemonitor where the information about him can be found, I’d be happy to post it.

        1. Type in Letizia vs Humanick. Some records are public knowledge on there. Case was mediated prior to depositions after evidence was presented. Seems to me there was a real good reason to settle it fairly quickly. Women should be aware of whom they are getting involved with these days.

          1. Humanick seems to go from one woman to another. People should look seriously at his track record by speaking to his prior victims and check his court records before getting involved!

            1. Yes they should check his previous relationships as they are a great gauge of his true personality. Believe what you read online and don’t be naive. Save yourself a lot of heartache.

  2. KrasyKristy-

    I read your note and have tried to get back to you at your email address with no success. It keeps bouncing back to me. Please reach me by direct email at

    I wish you the best and am hoping for a speedy resolution for the problems you’ve encountered.


  3. Consistency is lacking in jurisdictions globally. In Canada rape victims (such as myself – I am a male who was taken by a Cuban woman) are ignored by immigration, border services and the RCMP. Why the lack of understanding exists is due to the stigma and lack of awareness of the trawling on the internet. I have been manipulated into believing many woman from social media to Skype. We must take precautions such as insisting on seeing their ID and doing as extensive a background check as possible. Searches on their names at the local courthouse can help.

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