Scholarly Video on Rape by Deception


Had this video existed back in 1972, when I was defrauded of sex, my life would probably have been vastly different. I would have recognized that what happened to me was a crime, and would have had the moral ammunition I needed to walk away and protect myself from a predator. Instead, I struggled for years through a tug of war to reclaim my soul.

Unfortunately, this video came into existence in 2010, once an Arab man, Sammy Kashur, was convicted in Israel of rape by deception.

Although the video goes a long way to clarify the issue, it’s incorrect on two fronts…..

  1. The initial arguments presented at the beginning of the video simply have no merit. The conviction was reached as a plea bargain in a case of violent rape. None-the-less, because the concept was new to people, a great deal of commentary took place over whether the crime of rape by fraud actually exists, or whether it was simply a case of Israeli authorities discriminating against an Arab man. So before you view the video, keep in mind that the plea bargain was reached in order to prevent  a violent rape victim from having to testify in open court. The offender voluntarily took the plea that was offered.
  2. A conclusion the author makes in dealing with the crime substitutes the words “Consented to sexual intercourse as a result.” In fact, the victim never consents to sexual intercourse when they’re defrauded, and substituting the words “Assented to sexual intercourse,” would create better understanding.

Being scammed out of self determination over your reproductive organs is never “consent!”

Fortunately, the creator did a good job of including commentary by two legal scholars, Dr. Patrica Falk and Dr. Susan Estrich. I’d also depended on their wisdom in writing my book, Carnal Abuse by Deceit.