New Rape by Fraud Charge in India

Indian wedding

According to The Times of India, Sukhwinder Singh, a businessman in Ludhiana, Punjab, a municipality in India, was arrested on Thursday, January, 21, for rape by fraud. His crime, he married a twenty-three year old employee, while still married to another woman. Their wedding took place on June 18, 2011, and they’ve been living as man and wife ever since. They made their home in a rental property in this, the 4th most polluted city in the world, according to the World Health Organization.

The wife was interested in meeting his extended family. She asked Singh to make the arrangements to introduce her. Instead, he fled their home and she learned of his ongoing marriage to another woman and his two children.

Rape by fraud is a serious offense in much of the world. People recognize how defiling having sex and an emotional attachment is to someone who fabricates their side of the bond. Yet here in the US, rape by fraud encounters vehement resistance and goes unpunished.

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2 thoughts on “New Rape by Fraud Charge in India”

  1. Common Law SHOULD be the same! In Canada Common Law is viewed the same as Legal marriage. If my immigrant “wife” was in a common law relationship while married to me in her home country, this should be the same impact and charge the Indian courts used for this situation. Canadian Border Services & Immigration Canada did not see it that way. She will be permitted to stay in Canada and get citizenship. How &^%$ ridiculous is that?

    1. Care4-

      What an interesting point! Seems there could be conflict about whether or not it was actually a common law marriage. Many of the states throughout the US have abolished common law marriage and don’t even recognize them when they’re recognized where the couple lived.

      In the new case in India; however, it seems they both actually had marriage licenses with the offender.

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