Gad Saad- You can’t be both- New Basher List

There are two kinds of people in the world- sexually honest ones and sexual liars.

Liars don’t lie all the time….  just when you have something they want, and they won’t get it unless they mislead you. That’s robbery by fraud if it’s an asset, and sexual assault by fraud if it’s your body. They can turn their deceit off and on at will. Not lying in the moment does not indicate a change in their mindset. They’d lie and manipulate you if it would help them achieve their goal.

They’re people whose selfish interests far outweigh any concern they should extend to you or any respect for your personal choices and boundaries.

Introducing Gad Saad

Gad Saad, Johnson Molson School of Business
Gad Saad, Professor of Marketing at Concordia University

Last night, Gad Saad, who speaks of himself as “The Gadfather,” and occasionally talks about himself in third person, posted a video to stir up opposition against the concept that lying to induce sex with you is a crime.

Unlike what I’d expect from folks who’d like to discuss the issue, Gad’s video begins with some pretty defaming innuendo, and then goes a bit further in being obtuse and inflammatory. He’s used a term that’s specific to a section heading for my book, but he claims that his insult was not aimed at me.  No apology, just justification after justification.

If Gad wanted to conduct a meaningful discussion on the subject, he obviously knew where to find me. Instead, he chose to stealthily lob insults at me in a one-sided monologue. (Can you get any smaller?) And when I saw it,  and strenuously objected, he tried to turn my objections into me, not him, being the bad guy. I find his behavior reprehensible.  How ’bout you?  Why does it not surprise me that this guy doesn’t see conning you into sex as a crime?

That being said, I’ll stick to the issues he raised about the law

I’ve seen some pretty creative scenarios in the media that attempt to poke fun at this very serious harm, but his was one of the most unimaginative I’ve heard… If you say you’re a dog lover when you’re not, you could be arrested for rape. 

Here’s the difference between what will and what won’t send you to jail for sexual assault by fraud…..

First off, what you say, for the most part, can’t be proven in a court of law. So the stupid scenarios you see in the media, “He said he owned a Lamboghini,” “He’s Brad Pitt’s best friend,” and now, “You’re a dog lover when you’re not,” don’t amount to a case.

Secondly, the victim would have to behave in a fashion consistent with what is considered the actions of a “reasonable person” to bring charges in a courtroom. Failure to behave as a reasonable person would not pass muster with the police, the prosecutor or the Grand Jury. There could be no indictment.

How this plays out

boxerIf you claim you’re a dog lover, but you don’t own and don’t really like dogs, or you have little or no interaction with your target’s pet boxer, Bosco, they would figure you out. Right? But if they simply jumped in the sack with you the day you met, there would be no time to conduct reasonable due diligence about your claims. So no, you won’t go to jail under that circumstance.

Just because you won’t go to jail for it, doesn’t make it ok for you to do it. You should be aware that when you secure sex by lying to someone, you’re not seducing them, you’re assaulting them, sexually, hence the term sexual assault. 

Catfish Profiles and Deliberate Hoaxes

Whether they know intellectually that they are stirring up your brain chemistry through romantic overtures, or whether they simply have an inherent sense of the benefits for doing so, emotional predators will set out to undermine your self determination by getting you into bed with them.  They could be sex addicts after a tryst, or they could have something else that they’re going for, like your assets or a connection for immigration status. Whatever it is, sex with you serves their ulterior purpose.

A person posting a catfish profile, false background data on the internet, is setting you up to fool you. They are doing so deliberately. They know what they’re doing. It’s not an accident… “Whoops I thought I was 29 but no, I’m really 42.” “Yes, my love, you are the one and only love in my life,” while they’re also married to a man in the Phillipines that’s waiting to join them when they get their immigration papers.

People have the right to make a knowing choice about who they are intimate with.  And someone posing as an alternate character,  false personation, whether a living person or a figment of their overactive imagination, is undermining that choice.

They’ll argue, “But I’m the same person…..”

No, not to the victim you’re not. And you deliberately mislead them.

But everyone does it…..

No, they don’t. And no, they shouldn’t. Sexual penetration is not an act you should lie about. Sexual penetration by lie undermines the self determination of the person regarding having sex with you. Taking something someone values from them is the line you cross between merely telling a lie, and committing a fraud. It is why I consistently state, “if you lie to attract a person, straighten it out BEFORE you have sex with them.”

I’ve gone very public in my efforts to fight against this crime. 

And I’m being derided and diminished by people who hide behind their veils of anonymity to take pokes at my efforts. They laugh, scoff, and try to shame me for understanding that harming people this way is a sexual assault. After receiving about 100 bashing tweets last night from Gad Saad’s followers, I’ve had about enough. I got the same treatment from Tom Leykis’s groupies a few months ago.

So new policy….

While I no longer publicly publish the list of CAD Suspects that are reported to me, I will publish the list of people who publicly demonstrate their opposition to this law in a “bashing” manner.  Others around them can determine, from their own words, whether or not they agree with their positions and their behavior. If you know a person’s twitter handle, you could search for them on the list.

New bashers will be added over time so keep checking if you meet someone new. You’ll want to know how they stand on whether conning you into sex is a crime or not.

Gad Saad, #GadSaad, and the #BasherList
Thanks to Robert Black for this great self portrait! (See below)

Truth in Romance Basher List

Anyone on this list is welcome to make your points in a respectful discussion about the issues, (without ad hominem attacks.) Reading Carnal Abuse by Deceit, and publicly apologizing will get you removed from the list. If you can’t afford to purchase a copy, I’ll loan you one for free.

This list is entirely comprised of tweets…… public comments that people have made. What they say and how they behave in public, is public. There is no justification for anyone’s expectation of privacy for their tweets. Warning: some of it is extremely repulsive and shocking. Here’s the list: 

@31Dobe Dobe Harllem  14h14 hours ago  Rape by fraud sorry a man lying about his wealth isn’t a rapist because a woman is dumb enough to f##k him derp

@alexfun313  and 10 others favorited a Tweet you were mentioned in
11h: The Gadfather only “bashes” ideologically-driven idiocy, but your list is lunatic victim culture gone madder
and 4 others favorited a Tweet you were mentioned in
6h: Are we sure there’s not a bratty adolescent running the page? That’s seriously some childish shit
@Anna_Zombi , and favorited a Tweet you were mentioned in Oct 11:. Bottom line: People are not all going to roll over and accept these nonsensical & harmful positions.
@area_matter  favorited a Tweet you were mentioned in 16m: not people, ideas. Your ideas are ridiculous. That’s what happens when you believe ridiculous things.

@ASAP_R1cky -Ricky Ahrberg


@AtheistKenny -Kenny Robles

Retweeted 14h14 hours ago  To reiterate, lying for sex is wrong, immoral, and unethical. It is not “rape by fraud.” Now please go away. We’re done.


@billyanthony88 -Billy Anthony


IMO, is the worst kind of fraud. She preys on mentally unstable women to peddle a shitty book.

favorited a Tweet you were mentioned in

17h Anyone who could compare rape with lying is a rape apologist who does not respect women.

He did nothing, she gave it up too easily, IMO.

@Brazen_Atheist  and 5 others favorited a Tweet you were mentioned in
7h just read her blog on you. She is insane. She want to criminalize lying. How is she not basically a religious nut?
@BStizzl  and 3 others favorited a Tweet you were mentioned in
Oct 12: So let me summarize: believes that in the PUBLIC arena where ideas are debated, anyone who disagrees with her “rape by fraud”
@Canuckle_head  favorited some Tweets you were mentioned in 12h your immoral logic prevents healthy human interaction from occuring. Encourages fear.



favorited some Tweets you were mentioned in

Oct 12:There is growing number of people threaten lawsuits against including myself. Do the right thing & take down “hit list” page ASAP.

I just noticed my twitter handle on her site because of favoriting ‘s tweets. Moderately perturbed.

@CodyKendall1994 -Cody Kendall

@Coffeebandit33  and 16 others favorited a Tweet you were mentioned in 6h: There is growing number of people threaten lawsuits against including myself. Do the right thing & take down “hit list” page ASAP.
@crash_matrix  Retweeted some Tweets you were mentioned in
7h: There is growing number of people threaten lawsuits against including myself. Do the right thing & take down “hit list” page ASAP.

“rape” is a term that implies criminal liability – which is why you are about to be sued for libel.

. Darling,ive been harassed,threatened & doxed by much better players than u. So dont even bother trying 2 rattle my cage




@DrewAbsher -Drew Absher



@El_Sarape21  Oct 11 Sir Nose’d D’Bunny Retweeted Joyce M. Short Rape is real, devastating and alters the course of human lives. Calling lying rape is reprehensible.


@GadSaad -Gad Saad



@harknessc1  favorited a Tweet you were mentioned in

@HoustonGarratt -Houston Garrett


Some twit named says lying = rape & is shocked when rational folks disagree – Even by standards this dingbat is a lunatic.



 -Jayson Chance

@johndbroderick -John Broderick

@JS1089 -Jack Schultz



and 18 others favorited a Tweet you were mentioned in14h: There is growing number of people threaten lawsuits against including myself. Do the right thing & take down “hit list” page ASAP.
and 12 others favorited a Tweet you were mentioned in

13h: We should hire a high-powered lawyer to sue into oblivion. It is unconscionable that someone could get away with such behaviour.

and 13 others favorited a Tweet you were mentioned in
11h:I hope that the right law apparatus will put out of business. Her “list” is slanderous, libellous, and criminal.



@lukeyrada -Luke Reid

Roll up! for a limited time only, you too could be the proud owner of one of these.

Retweeted a Tweet you were mentioned in






@pallobberjot  favorited some Tweets you were mentioned in Oct 12: your immoral logic prevents healthy human interaction from occuring. Encourages fear.


@Pogue_Mahone666   favorited some Tweets you were mentioned in
20h: Since when is lying and raping the same thing? is obviously clueless about what rape is. 😉 | |



Is it still rape if she has an orgasm? Riddle me that one

Admin Note- this one shows a pathetic lack of understanding about what constitutes rape, It’s truly sad!

Roll up! for a limited time only, you too could be the proud owner of one of these.

Embedded image permalink
Oct 13  I girl once told me she could deepthroat, but she couldn’t. Only the tip went in, she lied. Was I raped?

‘Bashers’ starring in her first leading role as the ‘helpless victim’

Embedded image permalink

@rrnsss -Ramachandran S.


@shnrvr82 -Shaun Rivera  8h8 hours ago my wife, who is a real victim, would tell you to fuck right off with your asinine, bullshit logic.

@snrgevo15  2h2 hours ago  I’ve got some magic beans that I’ll trade for two minutes of consensual use of her vaginal canal. Make that one minute.

Add me to the list, please. A new badge of honor against the

@stardustandtime and 13 others favorited a Tweet you were mentioned in 9h Or better yet, leave the list out there. It eloquently speaks to regressive feminism’s use of smearing to silence dissent

@thehedglin -Travis Hedglin


@tkadtkad -Troy Kadikoff

haha amazing! Can I be on the list? If anything it’s a badge of honor. Still can’t decide if you’re trolling or not.



@VeritasFirmitas -Vincent Veritas

@Walker93Jack -Jack Walker

@YatimaOfKonishi  and 11 others favorited a Tweet you were mentioned in Oct 11:. She attacked me publicly without so much as wining and dining me first. I feel exploited & objectified.

I will patiently discuss this issue with anyone who behaves with decency and respect. Bashers and their comments, however, will end up on this list as well as the twitter handles of people who support them through “retweets”, or “likes” and “favorites.” 

I don’t have to put up with people who can’t conduct themselves with respect and decency. It’s truly ironic and preposterous that the people who have made or supported these comments try to condemn me for using the very words that came out of their very own pens. I’m simply holding up the mirror. The mirror is not hideous…. their words are hideous! 

37 thoughts on “Gad Saad- You can’t be both- New Basher List”

  1. This is pure comedy if it wasn’t real…

    What next?
    Jailing women who use make-up to hide their age?
    Or men who are bald and wear a wig?

    Or maybe a woman who wears a push-up bra or contacts?

    Who in his right mind would support this idiocy?

    “Seducing someone is sexual assault” – WHAT !?

    1. Using treachery to lure someone to allow you to touch their reproductive organs is not seduction…. it’s a sexual assault.

      Assent is not consent. And you need “consent” for both the action and the actor to engage in sex.

      If it’s not spelled out in the penal code in your state, it will be.

      Get used to it!

  2. As a victim of a physical rape as well as rape by fraud , I stand behind you all the way Joyce. Until this happens to you its harder to understand. But I understand it and I agree. Keep fighting !!

    1. Shnrvr82-

      Your comment addresses issues I already responded to a few minutes ago in Dan’s comment located on the home page. Please refer to it and come back to me with the balance of questions that I haven’t answered.

      Please be aware that the Gad’s video is accessible from this blog. So there’s really no reason for you to have to type it out. People can easily hear it in its full, defaming glory.

      Just to address one point you raised. I did not “jump the shark.” by writing my post. I had already responded to several of Gad’s insulting remarks on other sites before resorting to giving him and his “bashing” followers enough rope to hang themselves on. They didn’t like it…. too bad.

      Gad defamed me from beginning to end on his video. He doesn’t get to do so and expect me to close my eyes and ignore it. Defamation is not an appropriate way in which to start a conversation.

      I’m not going to have any further conversations about Gad Saad. I didn’t invite his comments, nor do I think they raise substantive issues that I haven’t already addressed at least a dozen times on this blog. If he’d actually read it, he would have seen my responses. Instead, he chose to use inflamatory descriptions of me in the content of his video. I have no interest in engaging in his game.

      If you’d like to speak on the criminality of sexual assault by fraud, I’m all ears. However, for you to either defend or condemn his behavior, I simply have no interest in the conversation.

      You can see on the current post on this page, there is nothing negative that I’m saying about the folks on the list, accept that indeed, in my opinion, they are ‘bashing.” And I’m entitled to my opinion. People can look up their tweets and form opinions of their own about their content.. I’m really tired of people taking shots at my character from behind the veil of anonymity. It’s my prerogative to stop it in the manner I’ve employed.

      Had I received an acknowledgment and apology from GAD, I may have removed the list. Under the circumstances, I see no reason to do so. And I’m not discussing it any further. should you chose to continue the Gad conversation on this blog, your comments will simply be placed in the trash bin.

      1. Joyce, your ideas are lunacy. Any enactment of laws for “rape by fraud” would be terrible for society.

        Admain Note: I don’t allow comments that are insulting to people who read this blog. I’ve deleted a significant portion of this comment and left the very few words that convey the writer’s point.


        What Jenna has said is very true. It may very well be that until you actually suffer this crime, you may have difficulty relating to it. Unfortunately, as you alluded to, the volume of this crime has reached monumental proportions. People don’t get it. They think of sex as entertainment and an entitlement. It’s not. It’s a privilege. And it’s entirely a person’s right to have total self determination over the intimate use of their body. Your failure to understand that shows a wanton disregard for your fellow man, or woman, as the case may be.

        In many countries, rape by fraud is the rule of law. And many states across the US include rape by fraud, or aspects of it, in their penal code. Society, thank God, is coming to its senses. Lunacy is the belief that anyone has the right to misuse someone else’s body, without their permission. It’s an assault on their sex organs, not seduction. Defrauding them of permission in no way constitutes consent, regardless how much the offender pretends it does.

  3. See, herein lies your dishonesty: “Let’s expose everyone who thinks it’s ok to lie …”

    Nobody said it was ok to lie to get sex or for anything else. Gad even explicitly said it was wrong. What we’re saying is that it isn’t *rape* and should not be considered rape. It should not even be considered illegal.

    “Let the buyer beware” is the rule around sex. You are responsible for whom you have sex with, male or female. If there is some item that is absolutely imperative that *must* be true for you to have sex with a person, then it is your responsibility to vet that *before* consenting to have sex with them. If you fail to do so, you have failed to take responsibility for yourself. If you failed to do so, then you are — by your own actions — deciding that this piece of information is not *that* critical to your decision to have sex with the person.

    1. Daniel-

      Point well taken. I’ve modified my description of the list.

      As to “Let the buyer beware,” the victim is not a buyer at all. They are a trusting individual who you’ve convinced to open themselves up to the penetration of their most intimate core.

      People with no emotional empathy have difficulty with this concept, so I’ll try to make it simple….

      If there was not something powerfully different about inserting ones genitals into another person’s genitals, than we wouldn’t have rape laws at all. We would simply have assault laws for such behavior when it’s unwanted.

      Instead of calling violent intrusion into your sex organs assault, we call it rape…. because it violates your sex organs. Are you with me so far?

      Next step….

      Model Penal Code, embedded into the penal code of most states, is clear…. Consent is INEFFECTIVE when induced by deception.

      Ready to connect the dots?

      Ineffective consent does not allow you to penetrate a person’s sex organs. When you do, you are conducting a covert form of sexual assault. You have violated their sex organs. You have entered their body, (or preformed a sex act if the victim is a man.) on a NON-CONSENTING victim.

    2. Daniel,

      The problem is that not all listen even when you do take responsibility for yourself. I was under that same assumption when I talked to someone I had met. To date, I have not found one person male or female that agrees with HIS actions to proceed in any kind of sex with me. There are predators out there who simply do not care what they do to dupe you into having sex and using you, throwing you away, moving on to the next without a blink of an eye or even considering the aftermath that the victim goes through. It simply is wrong and the trauma can be devastating.

      1. Nina-

        Unfortunately, most right-minded people who object to the law do not understand the great lengths that sexual predators will actually go to in order to dupe you. They’ll create false documents, false internet profiles, and have perfectly legitimate-sounding stories. And they will embroil you in a sexual relationship that involves having sex with them many times, sometimes, over several years. In my case, I learned who he actually was 3.5 years into the relationship. By then, the man was the sun, the moon, and the stars to me.

        Most of the silly media hype focuses on ridiculous scenarios like the great Lamborghini caper! The offender says “I drive a fancy car,” and the victim jumps into bed with them and then learns that the closest they have to wheels is their broken down Schwinn bike.

        It’s unfortunate that media, (and Gad Saad was just as guilty of doing so in his absurdity over being a “dog lover,”) neither understand what this law is about, nor comprehend that there are specific protections in this and any law that prohibits its use under the circumstances they describe.

        I’m often called out for being a feminist whatever for not relating to wearing make-up as fraudulent sexual inducement. But they don’t seem to hear that the rest of the silly stories they cook up don’t meet the high bar that is required to pursue a claim either.

        Thanks for your help trying to set the record straight!

  4. I’m reasonably certain this is libel. It would be interesting nonetheless to see the reasoning for why each individual is on this “basher list’ in the deposition of a libel lawsuit.

      1. No. You are proclaiming that the people on this list are “sexual liars” who support lying to women. This is blatantly false especially since I have repeatedly stated that I think that lying is wrong, immoral, and unethical. So you are creating a “hit list” based on libellous and slanderous information. People could disagree with you and strongly attack your ideas (as I have) without thinking that it is ok to lie to women, and without attacking you personally.

    1. Her list is not libel.She calls them “romance bashers.” Basically, it is protected by opinion.

      Admin Note: A personal attack was edited out of this comment.

  5. I have been subscribing to your blog for a while now….I encountered a man who very educated, upper management level in his career but he posed as single (he was on his second marriage for 12 years, 5 children…denied ALL of it. Told lie after lie….He was in another state so that made it easier for him to lie to me. If I had known he was married I would have never agreed to meet this guy.

    He said he had not had time for a dating life…haha maybe being married had something to do with it! He approached me on Facebook and we had some common musical interests…This guy lied about his age also….said he was 37 but was really 45. Said he had never been married (LIE) didnt have any children (LIE) and even lied about a supposedly sick and dying father…truth was he NEVER knew his father he was born out of wedlock and the biological father didnt care and ran off. This guy lied so much that when I found out the truth…about 7 months later into the long distance relationship (daily texting/facetime for hours etc) I just could not believe it!!! so I gave him a chance to come clean but yet he did not.

    Make a long story short…His wife said he had been cheating 5 years ago and this guy has profiles everywhere!!! He lied to her and to me… I want you to add him to your list!!!! CHRISTOPHER L#######/aka CHRISTOPHER R####N (he plays bass on the side…thinks he is a hair metal God) meta####### is his user name on many dating sites….Also or Meta###### on Twitter.

    He lives in Southaven MS and works in Memphis but is trying now to get a job in Los Angeles…seems like there is a chick he met through work and wants to be with her….funny we chatted and he was texting/planning to see me/facetime for hours WHILE he was planning to move with her….But he miust have forgotten he was married with kids!!!! Now he has gone of the grid because he has been busted. He comes on as so sweet but all his intentions are is to get you into bed and keep you as an option….claims he is so busy with work…NOPE he juggles many women at the time! BEWARE this guy is slick

    1. Liz-

      I’m so sorry to hear of the pain you’ve dealt with and sorry, again, to have to edit Christopher’s contacts and identity info. I’d like nothing more than to expose this jerk to the world! Unfortunately, because this blog is used by lawyers, Legislators and the press, I will not step into the trap of having to explain why divulging his information is fair and just.

      I’ve made a record of his data on the not-public CAD Suspects list. If I receive in inquiry from the police —–or a subpoena from an attorney, I can release the information to them. In that way, the information could be used to support a case that someone files against him.

      You mentioned that he has a job in Memphis. Did his fraud take place in TN? If so, you may very well have a case of “rape by fraud” against him, and we need to talk! It’s a felony in Tennessee.

      I sincerely hope you’re healing from this debacle!

      All the best!

      1. Good morning Joyce… Yes it was in Tennessee…I have thought about and researched ithe law etc but have been reluctant and afraid to do anything. This guy has tricked other women also come to find out. Get in touch with me through my email address I provided when I subscribed….thanks! Or whatever way you prefer as this is public… Liz is an alias not my real name….look forward to hearing from you!

  6. I am currently speaking to lawyers about this slanderous and libellous action taken by Ms. Short. I explained in my YouTube clip, in my Twitter exchanges with Ms. Short and in my exchanges in the comments section of my YouTube clip that I believe it to be wrong, unethical, and immoral to lie in the pursuit of sex. However, I explained very clearly that it is outlandish to criminalize such lies especially under the “rape by fraud” appellation. I could not be any clearer and yet Ms. Short chooses to create this article to tar my reputation and that of anyone who dares to disagree with her. It is profoundly chilling to the notion of free speech and the free exchange of ideas. I even wrote to Ms. Short in the comments section to offer my empathy for the pain that she endured in her personal tragedy. However, I reiterated that her profoundly painful experience did not mean that I agreed with her ideas. Surely, reasonable could should be able to disagree without being placed on “basher lists” and accused of being “duplicitous to women” etc. I truly hope that Ms. Short reevaluates her actions. Again, her personal experience is tragic. This does not allow her to slander the good name of people who disagree with her. Respectfully, Gad Saad

    1. Gad-

      You not only behaved like a bully, but one that is not too bright. A smart one would have determined the character of their target, before they attacked…. not you.

      You don’t know me. I never heard of you, had no issues with you, and no discussion with you before you publicly defamed my character on your video, likening me to a “lunatic feminist” with a “broken moral compass.” Nice try at humiliation. Guess you thought I’d recant my position. How absurd!

      I don’t know on what planet your publicly spoken smears are not defamation. Spoke to an attorney about this. It’s not earth.

      You opened Pandora’s box. Surprise, you found something you didn’t expect, a woman who doesn’t easily get bullied. So now you’re transparently struggling to cover-up, and close the box by raising your level of intimidation and persisting in mischaracterization. Poor you, you were violated, not the reality that you began by smearing my character.

      You created this mess, and you dragged your followers into it as well. Now you’re all kicking and screaming because your publicly uttered words are on display. Ooops! You can hold others up to scrutiny but you cry foul when the tables are turned, and your own words are used to show your character.

      I don’t criticize all disagreement, just bashing disagreement. Anyone reading the comments by people on the list can make their own determination as to whether or not they see those comments as “bashing.” I have little doubt that they will agree with you.

      If anyone feels I’ve mistreated them, they can make their case, as long as they don’t engage in ad hominem personal attack in the process. If they do, it will be displayed for the world to see…. fair warning, along with a clear indication that it is an example of “ad hominem personal attack.”

      You headed out of the gate by immediately stepping over the line into indecent behavior. You pick and chose language to support your claim that you didn’t while failing to address your vulgar disrespect.

      If you’d like to do something constructive for society and your followers, you could apologize on your video for your indecency toward me, and stick to what you believe to be the facts of your argument.

      Had you asked me about your example of someone pretending to be a dog lover to fool a target, before you embarrassed yourself with that silliness, I would have explained why it would never see its way into a courtroom. It’s my view that you’re simply attempting to get onto the nay-sayer bandwagon by hurling insults and creating hysteria for your followers. Creating ridiculous fantasies and claiming that’s my view will not work. If you would stop doing so, and conduct yourself in a respectful fashion, I would be happy to discuss the matter with you.

      1. Hi Joyce, When I referred to the lunacy of radical feminists it was early in my clip wherein you were not even close to being mentioned. The words that you are objecting to are attacks on your ideas and not on your personhood. You are not a lunatic. Your position is one of lunacy. Big difference. It is as though you were to say that my position is idiotic. This does not mean that you are saying that I am an idiot. Incidentally, I did not mention you by name once throughout my clip. I provided a link to the website as a matter of proper citation protocol (not to attack you). Bottom line: My criticism is about your ideas. It is not about you. I am certain that you are fighting a good cause, one which I support (i.e., I repeatedly condemned lying in my clip). However, I strongly disagree with you that it should be criminalized or called “rape by fraud.” I do not control what my followers say or do. Some might agree with you. Others might disagree with you. The bottom line is that you should feel perfectly within your right to forcefully rebut my positions. However, you’ve chosen a very different route. You are creating a page that slanders people (by lying about their stated positions). People could disagree with your project and yet fully agree that lying to women is wrong, unethical, and immoral. So the right course of action for you to do is the following: Take on your detractors on the merits of their positions. Refrain from attacking them personally and seeking to intimidate them by public shaming. Again, if you go back to my clip, you’ll see that I am confronting and criticizing your ideas. You, as a person, are of no interest to me. Your ideas are perfectly fair game. So if you thought that I was attacking you personally, please let me reiterate that this was not my intention. I hope that this clarifies things.

        1. Gad-

          Your title of this video is “Lying to a Woman is “Rape by Fraud”! (THE SAAD TRUTH_75)” Since mine is the only blog entitled “Rape by Fraud” and the only book published on the subject since 1962, it’s pretty obvious that your comments are about me. And the comment you made about my moral compass is specifically directed at me. You’re simply flim-flaming here.

          When you link to my website, it’s obvious you’re referring to me.

          How could indicating how people can see their stated opinions possibly be considered slander? It’s not only a link to their words, but to the words they publicly spoke!

          You’ve clarified you don’t know the difference between slander and your behavior. I don’t need your “clarification.” Your goal is pretty transparent. A simple apology will do. Or should I be counting up my punitive damages? My attorney wholeheartedly thinks so.

          Actually, I don’t prefer the term rape by fraud, and my blog states that. Although the act is generically one of covert rape, I’d prefer to see criminal codes use the term “Sexual Misconduct by Fraud.” If you had read before shooting off your mouth, you would have seen that. But states differ on terminology so I simply go with the most understandable term. Call it Tylenol or acetaminophen. It’s the same thing.

          Since it’s obvious you never read my book before espousing as if you knew what I said, you would also be aware that there are several types of covert rape in which violence does not take place. Overt rape, rapes using violence, are heinous acts of cruelty. But other types of rape are also recognized through criminal code. A violent crime, as is the case in other violent crimes, should be punished as an “aggravated offense,” while a covert crime, one not using violence, is still punishable, but to a lesser degree. Just because it’s a lesser degree does not mean it’s not a crime. It’s a crime, but to a lesser degree. Clear? You penetrate a person’s sex organs without consent—- it’s a sexual assault. (Or have sex with someone without their consent if the victim is a man.)

          How you can claim you know anything I’m talking about without reading what I’ve said is a mystery to me. I guess you’re just clairvoiant! 😉 (Or at least you think you are!) Pretending you spoke about the issues, instead of actually attacking me, is a waste of your time and energy. People can hear what you said and draw their own conclusions. My attorney’s conclusion was outright “defamation.”

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          Published on Oct 10, 2015
          A man who lies about his income to have sex with a woman is engaging in “rape by fraud.” Why aren’t push-up bras and cosmetics a form of “rape by fraud”?

          1. I never commented on anything to do with the conversation you are talking about but I am on the list. You need to remove my name from this list.

            1. Here’s your contribution Brandon:
              Brandon Denton favorited a Tweet you were mentioned in
              17h: @VeritasFirmitas @GadSaad @jm_short @shnrvr82 Anyone who could compare rape with lying is a rape apologist who does not respect women.

              I’ll specify what it was so there’s no mistake.

          2. I tried to soften the tone of our engagement on several occasions (including in the comments section of my YouTube clip) but you seem ready to fight, bully, and intimidate at every opportunity. An inherent element of freedom of speech is the right to criticize ideas (very forcefully). It would be a chilling Orwellian nightmare if everyone who criticized you were engaging in “defamation.” Incidentally, people have apparently noted that you’ve made similar threats against readers who write bad reviews of your book. So it would seem that “defamation” holds if someone criticizes your book and/or criticizes your ideas. It is one dangerous world where everyone who strongly and unreservedly disagrees with Ms. Short is engaging in “defamation.” We’ll have to let the relevant channels sort these matters out. I escaped execution in Lebanon and emigrated to Canada wherein I learned to appreciate the powers of freedom of speech. I don’t intend on losing that right because you threaten me with “hit lists” and big bad lawyers. Learn to accept that people might ridicule your ideas (elite scientists are bashed on a daily basis). This is not defamation. It is called the free exchange of ideas. In my opinion, your ideas are wrong and ill-conceived. No, this is not defamation. It is my reasoned opinion of your ideas. If this is defamation then freedom of speech does not exist. I wish you peace in your heart. Cheers.

            1. So here you go again…. you’re such a good guy, and I’m that offensive woman. More of your defaming silliness.

              You just don’t get it do you? You don’t get to “soften the tone” after you’ve hurled horrid insults at me. There’s a difference between a free exchange of ideas and calling a person defaming things. Keep pretending you do’t know the difference.

              Its amusing. Your lawyer is somehow not a “big bad lawyer,” but mine is? Guess what…. mine is! Keep it up! Only people who engage in defamation are engaging in defamation. You’re engaging in defamation. I don’t care how much you try to “soften it.” I’m not buying it. Don’t defame me again. I know defamation when I see it. This’ll be the last communication we have on this blog.

            2. Gad-

              Your characterization that I make “threats” is totally bogus misrepresentation. And the only people I accuse of defamation are those who defame me. Please note any specific statements in which I have threatened a reader. If you can’t do so, please apologize and remove your accusation from you comment.

              It is a ploy for people who use defamation to accuse others of doing so. Your attempt is transparent, and you should be ashamed of yourself. Free speech does not give you the right to lie or mischaracterize. In fact, it was you who first threatened me with your “big bad lawyer.” Would you like me to quote where you did so to refresh your selective memory?

              I have re-posted the actual public statements made by your “bashing” supporters. and I have every right to do so. No one can expect privacy for statements that they make publicly. You are attempting to create hysteria by referring to my efforts as a “hit list.

              Regardless that many or your followers have threatened me with harm, I certainly have not threatened them with harm, nor do I condone anyone harming them. I am simply holding them accountable for their indecent comments. And by the way, my characterization of “indecent” is an opinion. Although I’m sure you’d like to, you can’t sue me for expressing my opinion. That would be a frivolous law suit.

              Ideas go through stages ’til they reach acceptance. Ridicule and anger are part of that process. Thanks for helping get the concept of sexual assault by fraud further into the public eye. Your ridicule and anger moves it closer to acceptance.

              Many people will look at the character, or lack thereof, that you’ve displayed, and the character reflected by your followers. In doing so, they’ll see why it’s so very important to enact laws on this issue. It’s blatantly obvious that you don’t comprehend the criminal nature of conning sex from a person. Your behavior, underscores the importance of enacting laws to prevent it from taking place. Enacting laws will help stop offenders who fail to understand. Since you’re so adamant that you would never do it, and don’t condone it, why are you objecting so strenuously to a law that would prevent such cruelty?

              Conning a person’s permission from them is not “consent.” The bar to prosecute this crime is very difficult to reach. But since you choose to ridicule, rather than make a reasonable inquiry or carry on an intelligent discussion, you don’t seem to know that.

              You should have contacted me instead of lobbing ridicule my way. Seems you thought I’d be an easy target. Sorry to disappoint you. A simple apology will do.

      2. Well let me correct a previous statement.

        Admin Note: This post was edited. Robert, stick to debating the issue if you want your post seen. So far, you’re not blocked. You’re pushing your luck.)

    2. From a legal point of view if you have caused damage to someone through misrepresentation, the victim has a right to seek reimbursement for those damages to put them back to the position they were prior to your having misrepresented yourself. Under law for other forms of misrepresentation, the damages could be so slight as $10.00. Misrepresentation to obtain sex is a real issue, and the damages are quite significant. Therefore each individual ought have an opportunity to seek reimbursement for those damages.

      1. Great explanation Kathy.

        When someone misrepresents to obtain sex from you, there is no monetary loss. The loss is more personal. It’s a sense of defilement. There is no compensation that can restore your non-raped self. You can only hope for justice.

        Sexual assaults, therefore, are not the province of civil court, but rather, criminal court. If people were convicted of this crime, they’d go to jail. It would deter the type of marriage/immigration fraud you suffered.

        People do it because there is no reprisal. They rarely get deported. But if this crime were punishable by a jail term, its widespread occurrence would greatly diminish.

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