OJ’s Acquittal Anniversary- 10/3

Orenthal James Simpson (OJ)
Orenthal James Simpson (OJ)

There’s something very ironic about the name of the prison that Orenthal James Simpson, the man known to the world as “OJ,” now calls home…….Lovelock Correctional Center. It’s a fitting place for someone acquitted of murdering his ex-wife and her friend 20 years ago, tomorrow.  

OJ once lived on top of the world! As a good looking, charismatic, star NFL Heisman Trophy Winner, his prowess catapulted him into the public eye. Little did we know the depths of evil masked by his sexy smile and impeccable style!

The police were summoned to his house eight times for domestic violence over a two year period. They actually arrested him in 1989 on a domestic violence charge, and in 1999, for the deaths of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and a visitor to her home, Ronald Lyle Goldman.

Abused spouses don’t always flee from batterers and toxic relationships. The power of love clouds their judgement and keeps them fastened. When children exist in the mix, there is never a clean get-away. On-going turmoil can continue long after the ink is dry on the papers declaring freedom from marital strife.

The most watched courtroom drama in history!

#OJ trying on #gloves
OJ back then

The audience following OJ’s real-life, real-time, court case watched intently as he struggled with blood-stained gloves, containing the victims’ DNA, that were found at the scene.  Nicole, and Ron Goldman, who was simply returning a pair of glasses she’d left at a restaurant, were brutally stabbed to death.  Nicole was close to being decapitated.

Subsequently, after the trial, it was determined that OJ had stopped taking his arthritis medication which could have caused his hands to swell. And the gloves, once soaked in the blood of the victims, could have shrunk to a point where they’d be difficult for him to try-on.

#Prisoner, #OrenthalJameSimpson
OJ Now

A second October 3rd marks another OJ miestone

The smirk is gone.  Exactly 13 years later, October 3rd, 2008, OJ was found guilty of kidnapping, robbery, and weapons charges in Las Vegas NV. In true sociopathic, “I’m above the law,” style, OJ claimed that the items he took belonged to him. In his eyes, that gave him license to intimidate the victim with a gun and take, not only the memorabilia from his football career, but additional items that had nothing to do with him.

He showed no remorse at any time for any of the crimes he was accused of. His affect when declared guilty was described as “listless” by bystanders.

Ultimate conviction motivated by karma-

The civil court decision on a wrongful death case brought by Nicole Brown Simpson’s and Ron Goldman’s families could have been at the heart of OJ’s ultimate criminal conviction. Unlike the murder trial in which he didn’t take the stand, he was ordered to do so for the civil action. He was directed to pay the families $33.5MM for their wrongful deaths. His monetary losses caused his need to recover the memorabilia in the robbery that landed him in prison.

He was sentenced to a term of 33 years and is eligible for parole in October of 2017, one year from now.

Is OJ Simpson a Sociopath?

  • Abuse and domestic violence? Check!
  • Charismatic, charming, good looking? Check!
  • Above the law mentality? Check!
  • No emotional affect? Check!
  • Testosterone levels that can countermand oxytocin?  Check!

Simpson is the poster boy for how a sociopath behaves. And Nicole Brown Simpson, by her inability to break away from his obvious cruelty, shows the overwhelming strength of the Betrayal Bond that holds many victims captive in toxic relationships.

Remember the victims!

Last photo taken of Ron Goldman
Last photo taken of Ron Goldman
Nicole Brown Simpson
Nicole Brown Simpson

I hope you’ll join me in a moment of prayer for the souls of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman tomorrow.  May their losses serve as a wake up call to society that sociopaths exist and walk freely among us.

Please be aware.

Don’t get taken in!