Love you….. and your country! #MarriageFraud

marriage fraud for immigration

Marriage fraud for immigration is a heartbreaking con! Foreigners use it to shortcut access and citizenship… often to the US or Canada. Do the authorities step in to remove them when the fraud is reported? Of course not!

Trespass over a border…. it’s a quick trip back to your homeland. Trespass into someone’s life, no problem! Dennis McIntyre learned the hard way!

Dennis just wanted to learn Spanish when he searched for a language teacher on the internet. He got a whole lot more when he discovered the catphish profile posted by the woman he decided to marry.  She was Mexican, a college graduate and an accountant…. so he thought! The only truth was, she was Mexican. Once he learned of her deceit, a child was in the picture, so he hung on as long as he could to raise his daughter in a family.

His wife accomplished her goal of permanent residence. Despite the concept of moral turpitude that’s supposed to impact immigration cases, nothing was done by the authorities to apply the brakes to the immigration process. Could be because even though the fraud was exposed, McIntyre’s wife and he now had a daughter, a US citizen, so the application of a waiver would be likely in her case.

McIntyre created a facebook page, Marriage Fraud for Immigration, that serves as a beacon for countless, similar cases.

So how do we stop #marriage/immigration fraud? 

#immigrationFraud #MarriageFraud and #rapebyfraud go hand-in-handObviously, immigration laws are too convoluted to deter would-be offenders. But immigration fraud is not the only crime that transpires in these cases.  The victim who is scammed is being sexually assaulted by the hoax as well. The enactment of sexual assault by fraud laws throughout the country could throw a wet blanket over an immigration scammer’s plans.

Would you con someone into marriage by false pretenses if you could go to jail for sexual assault by doing so? Yes, you’d end up with a green card….  to show off to all your new buddies on the cell block!


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  1. This happened to me in a tiny corner of New England. People are quick to judge these types of situations. I don’t talk about the horrors of what happened very much.

    1. Julie-

      I’m so sorry this happened to you. You’re welcome to talk about it here. And I hope you’re able to find information that can help you down the road toward healing.

      All the best!

    1. Jennifer-

      There are a number of folks in Florida who have stepped forward regarding this crime. I’m hoping that you’ll hear of a recent occurrence in the news, and that something can be done to enact a rape by fraud law in the state. Could you please let me know what city you’re in?


        1. Please write your story to me privately. You can use the form on the home page. It comes directly to my email box. Doing so can help get traction for enacting a law in Florida. Nothing you share will be released without your permission.

  2. Wow! I am blown away. I’m so sorry for all those who have been scammed in such a way. The sense of betrayal and being violated in the worst possible ways has to be absolutely devastating. I’m sorry! That’s all I can say.

    Unfortunately, I do not think the enacting of any law is going to cause this kind of scam to stop. Too many loops, and holes are in place. That not to mention our own trust and vulnerabilities make allow this to happen. It’s not a matter of stupidity…perhaps some naivety and ignorance. Maybe even being a little too trusting for one’s own good.

    This places the onerous on us to be our best protector, having an awareness of those scammers out there, and their methods, and then acting accordingly. Do I say this fair or right? No of course not! But it is necessary! In a proper world, where people abide by certain ethical behavioral standards, we shouldn’t have to, but it’s not and we do!

    While generally, if I get contacted by someone online who is a little too smooth…supposedly dazzled by my beauty or whatever (LOL), don’t you know my protective shield promptly rises up in response?! I usually don’t even engage with them at all! I smell a rat & I move on quickly!

    Each and everyone of us owes it to ourselves to thoroughly check out any prospective love interests, as we closely watch for any red flag behaviors…Are things moving a little fast, leaving you feeling breathless? Oh-oh Watch now now! Learn everything you can about predatory behaviors! Never blindly trust anyone! Trust but verify!

    Once again, my sympathies to all who are suffering because of these despicable predators! I am truly sorry for your pain and suffering! May you heal soon. Hugs to all.

    1. Only Me-

      Unfortunately, even our best instincts can’t protect us from a scammer with malicious intent. There are deceptive people who are simply good at what they do. And they will use every trick in the book to deceive you. Blaming the victim is never okay.

      Once a person has been scammed, their level of trust is permanently changed. We’re all great at looking back with 20/20 hindsight. To some degree, a little doubt and caution is good thing. But for others, they simply will never be able to trust someone again.

      It’s important to bring this problem into the conscious awareness of society so that more would-be-victims are fore-armed. And it’s also important to identify the crime that takes place when someone defrauds you of sex. Undermining your consent is not seduction, it’s sexual assault, whether penal code recognizes it or not.

      1. Agreed, even the best of us will get fooled despite our best efforts. Not looking back here, but looking forward. Trust can be a fragile thing once broken enough. Would be great if we could prevent it. Rapists and molesters are the lowest of the low. Deceit is a rampant problem. We have to protect ourselves the best we can.

  3. This sort of scam is rife in Europe, The Gambia is one of the worse offenders, my son was scammed into marriage , children followed, three years of heartbreak for him and all of us as a family, she already had a husband and three children in the Gambia, she has accused him of domestic abuse (completely untrue) she is now applying for a visa under these grounds, does the UK Home office listen!!! no
    Its a rape on human beings in the worse possible way, it needs exposing as much as we can
    Anne Leavey London UK

    1. So sorry for the hardship your son is going through. What happened to him and your family is tragic. Sexual lies are life altering and their impact is irreversible. For people with emotional empathy, it’s difficult to understand why others don’t recognize this behavior as rape.

      In the US, as well, claiming domestic abuse enables an immigration seeking person to remain in the country even when their association with their spouse ended before the required time frame. They would be entitled to a waiver.

      Immigration law will never cause this form of rape to end. Only enacting laws that criminalize rape by fraud will do so. While the rapist may not be deported, even though moral turpitude should apply, they could be convicted of a sexual assault by fraud charge and go to jail.

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