Happy Truth in Romance Day! The Only Protection is Detection!

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Romantic partners will rarely fear running into a psychopath. But the likelihood that they will do so is unexpectedly high. And internet dating provides the perfect opportunity to create harm!

Sandra L Brown, MA, author of Women Who Love Pshychopaths, considers “psychopathy” the number one health crisis in the US. The amount of victims she calculates is staggering. 

There is no known cure. The hallmark of the disorder is the neurological inability to develop a conscience. The end result is that they will destroy the lives of multiple people throughout their lifetime.

The only protection is detection- and awareness!

Truth in Romance Day was created to keep you safe! No one who dates on the internet should ever engage in sex with a person they’ve met without vetting their background. A person who cares about you would want you to feel safe. Do not trust someone who refuses to comply.

The internet has opened access to a broad pool of participants from all over the world. Psychopaths move freely through this social universe to engage in multiple relationships, and some do so all at the same time. These people are highly believable. You do not have to be stupid, naive or gullible to fall prey.

You can meet a psychopath in a myriad of ways. 

It’s a mistake to think that because you were introduced to a person by a friend or family, or because you met your new love interest at work, you have nothing to fear. A person with malicious intent has countless ways to find you.

Sources for ID supports

ICheckMates is developing a resource to help curb the problem. Unique in its approach, it will validate the credentials of those who voluntarily participate in their program.

Cheaterville.com provides a free record of reports that have been made by possible victims. While their information is not verified, I’d be pretty leery of anyone I found on their list. Where there’s smoke, there’s likely to be fire!

Spokeo provides several ways to locate data on people. Their name or address could lead you to significant information.

PeoplePublicRecords.org can help you turn up the actual name of an owner from a license plate. Although they may call themselves by one name, you might be amazed to locate who they really are through this service

If you are aware of a resource that is helpful in locating data, please provide it in a comment.

Am I being an alarmist? 

I truly wish I were! But since going public with my story, I have heard countless tales from all over the world! The scams that sexual predators pull are many and varied. They’ll design one just for you, and you’ll feel like the most treasured person in the universe to them for a minute of your life. The flip side of falling prey is devastating. It is worth conducting due diligence to prevent yourself from being harmed.

So don’t concern yourself with how silly you’ll feel when you learn that everything they told you is the truth. Focus on that lovely bubble bath for two, the reward that celebrates your exchange of information, commitment toward each other, and new-found love!





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  1. The internet is truly rife with these scoundrels. I know that my life will never be the same after what I endured at the disordered mind of a predator whom I met on Match. His nickname should be ‘bridge burner’. I contacted Match and informed them about his predatory/ physically abusive/alcoholic ways and they banned him for life. I accomplished the same with Plenty of Fish–he has no idea I did it, must assume a subsequent victim did it….haha

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