All Aboard for the Great Sociopathic Abuse and Recovery Blog Tour!


Experienced bloggers on the subject of Sociopathic Abuse and Recovery have joined hands for today to provide their knowledge and support!  You’ll find them all, and their links, listed below.

All aboard! The train is about to leave the station!

Blog Tour 5/25/15

Sociopathic Abuse and Recovery

Stop Rape by Fraud

Celebrating Truth in Romance Day, June 15th


Better Not Broken

Waffles and Waze: Why Elvis Remains King and It’s Never Too Late For Change



Just say “No!” to sociopath oppression and possession


Immigration Fraud Canada

It All Started With a Divorce and What I Perceived As True Affection and Love….


Looking for the light

Tell congress to help New Veterans Keep the Mental Health Medications They Need


Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

When he tells you the first time…..


Additional blogs of interest:

Psychopaths and Love

Journey of Olivia Rose

Lady with a Truck

Mom’s Heart Unsilenced

Soul Healing Art

Michelle Malon

2 thoughts on “All Aboard for the Great Sociopathic Abuse and Recovery Blog Tour!”

  1. I see marriage fraud USA is not represented. Canadian media is at least reporting on them. We are ignored and silenced in US. And no recourse. And the numbers are more staggering, estimated at tens of thousands. Our group is MARRIAGE FRAUD FOR IMMIGRATION.
    We all have terrible stories of relationship frauds and having our lives turned upside down. And the continued and ongoing penalties for our poor judgment, sometimes years later. Each of our cons were sociopaths that are career criminals.

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