Little white lies


Common Sense Can’t Stop Rape By Fraud

Who would suspect a man who tells you he’s educated is a high school drop out? Why would you possibly think he’s lying if he says he has no kids or is single, while his wife of 17 years is at home caring for his 3 children. What would trigger your fears when the supporting Facebook page for his business is nothing more than a scam that hides his three stretches in Attica. And when he shows you medical documents that indicate he’s healthy, why would you suspect they’re forged and he’s deliberately passing along HIV?

Yes, there are cases that sound outlandish to the viewing public…….a man tells you he’s an operative for the British Defense Ministry, a sort of, James Bond.

Who would believe such outrageous nonsense?

When you hear the “James Bond” victim’s story, her ability to plot-out his arrest, you wonder who conned whom. On national TV, she boasted about using a pocketbook spy cam to create a “sting” operation and how she lured him into the hands of the waiting police, creating fodder for her book deal. But the schemes that hoax most victims are far more compelling, insidious and heartbreaking.

A victim is a victim

Don’t get me wrong, people who get “punked” in outlandish scams deserve the same protections against sexual assault by fraud as everyone else, even though the more “out there” the tale, the more difficult it is for society to relate. But it’s the frauds that are so entirely plausible, the “honest-sounding lies,” that are even more sinister and insidious. They leave the victim feeling totally unable to protect themselves and create deeply rooted Post Traumatic Stress.

People who believe outrageous lies end up blaming themselves but recognizing that their trust was bestowed on a person who did not deserve it. A person who was raped by simple, plausible, believable character distortion; however, may never feel safe to trust again.

roseA different kind of Valentine’s rose….

Lying to induce sex IS, WAS and ALWAYS WILL BE a crime. The issue over the creation of Sexual Assault by Fraud law is not whether or not a crime takes place, but whether or not our Legislators are brave enough and moral enough to protect us from a defiling act that a significant portion of their constituents believe is just their way of having fun, their right.

To them, It’s no big deal….. it’s just a little white lie.

As a Valentine’s Day gift to yourself and society, please sign the petition to Stop Sexual Assault by Fraud today! Please add your name to the growing bouquet of signatures.






4 thoughts on “Little white lies”

  1. Reblogged this on Your Journey Begins Today and commented:
    Read on Sexual Assault using deception. Encourage Senators and Lobbyists to campaign for a felony conviction utilizing fraud to rape and steal from women using psychological tactics versus aggression. This is far WORSE than rape. How do I figure? Rape happens once. Rape by Fraud lasts YEARS! Banish these people to prison – let tax money be spent the right way. Exile all rapists, physical and mental.

    1. Susan-

      Thanks for your support, and spreading the word!

      Every victim struggles through their own private personal journey. I would not want to weigh or diminish the pain of one person vs the harm felt by another. Violent rape is a vicious, heinous crime. But you are correct that, for many, rape by fraud is a defilement that spans years.

      When children result from rape by fraud, the impact on the victim is never ending.


  2. Since the time I was scammed, my demeanor has changed so much when I date someone. I just don’t believe anything about a date until I am able to have verification. It’s almost amusing to me to see the change that has taken place. If a potential date says he is an attorney, in my mind I am saying, “Really? Sure!” I just don’t believe it until I see his business website and endorsement from the bar association! I question everyone’s internet business page, LinkedIn, Youtube videos. When someone has a professional license or has an agency that has licensing, it is verifiable and incredibly reassuring to me.

    In general, a legitimate business page on the internet has more information about the business and the product or service. A con man’s fake business page will likely be flashy, like a neon sign. It is reflective of narcissism. The information is mostly about them and how great they are.

    I definitely think it is important to do internet research on anyone you are dating, but keep in mind, that a criminal can be very good at creating a good image. There may not be an actual criminal history as so many “crimes” like Rape by Fraud and false personation in dating, do not have the laws to support prosecution. The bottom line is that you have to be perceptive about sociopathic behaviors in addition to doing your own personal detective work.

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