Rape by Fraud featured on Today’s Verdict with David Lesch!

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Raising awareness on Rape by Fraud!

Huge thanks to David Lesch for his insights and great questions!

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3 thoughts on “Rape by Fraud featured on Today’s Verdict with David Lesch!”

  1. Joyce, you did a wonderful job with this interview. You were articulate and explained things very clearly, even with the limited time allotted. You projected a warm, intelligent and knowledgeable demeanor, and were relaxed and focused. You did an excellent job speaking for this important issue that affected you so profoundly, and I’m sure many viewers gained an understanding that will allow them to support the effort to make rape by fraud a prosecutorial offense. All-around great job, from start to finish! Warm congratulations to you, along with a big hug.

    1. I was defrauded on a popular dating site by a man that was a complete impostor presenting himself as a wealthy Romantic Italian man that had been a cruise ship officer and presently working as an entrepreneur. I fell in love with him.

      He defrauded me of thousands of dollars and over a year of my life in a long distance relationship. He tried to come after a lot more money to finish me off. I think his Italian accent was fake and his name is an alias. He lied about his age. I also believe he lied about his country of origin, his military service, and his education.

      Without legislation on the use of “false personation” to conduct rape by fraud, I can’t even file a complaint with the sheriff’s office. I was told, “Lesson learned,” and “Don’t come back!” So, the problem is that this predator can set up shop in town with internet dating, scam a lot of women in a local area, and then flee the area. I am sure there are more victims of this man in Florida. It was an elaborate scheme.

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